Sunday, June 13, 2010

What a haul!!!!.....

Well what a lovely day I had yesterday when I once again caught up with my friend Karen and we "terrorised" the Blue Mountains, scouring some more antique shops for some "fabby" finds! Some of the items are from a prior purchase this week...but I am sure that you wont mind me sharing them all together!

I will keep my post short and sweet this time as I am pressed for time but I thought you may enjoy sharing some pictures of what I was able to find.

A picture of my "haul"

I plan to age and distress this great little cot a bit more...the grubby ticking matress was an added bonus!...stay tuned for the makeover photos!!

The old reckitts boxes are great...I curbed the urge to buy the old Kraft cheese boxes I saw also. The old Rinso box will look great with the other landry memorabilia in my collection....and a sugar bucket!!!!...woohooo...gunna paint and distress this one also (dont freak out though...its only a
More old boxes and some awesome baskets ....although not old they definitely look the part!

A great old "Ready Reckoner"....

The inside of it...

These bowls are going to get the once over as well....distressed and em nice and cheap!

Now I know these aren't old....but theyre them from Rick Rutherford's store...and they sure save me a lot of stitching!

And this little beauty...well it is something that I have been after for a long while and got it for a song!! I am short a couple of if any of you out there have any Watkins Flavouring bottles (pref brown) that you are looking to sell on...I would be most happy to hear from you!

Well thats about it from me for this time...hope you enjoyed seeing my stash. I will be sure to show you the update pictures once I have had time to get stuck into the few pieces that I want to revamp.

Till next time ....

Sunday, June 6, 2010


The "aussie" readers of my blog will be familiar with the Codral commercial...youno "Soldier on with Codral, soldier on, soldier on.......when cold and flu ever gets you down, with Codral  you can soldier on!"

Well that's what I've been doing. I copped a dose of the flu last week and thought I was doing okay "soldiering on with my Codrals" until without any warning I awoke to the phone ringing last Saturday morning to discover that I had no voice...nothing!...not even a measly squeek!!!....(oh no...not the singing voice...OMG!!)...lucky it was only my hubby who gratefully (NOT) rang back 4 TIMES  'coz he thought there was something wrong with the phone!!!...and then there was my mum who rang and said "Oh sound terrible!...hang on...I'm just goimg to put your father on"...."Why's that mum??? I asked ...the response....."so he can hear what you sound like"...which was followed by a fit of the giggles from her!!!....and then my dad!!!.....thanks guys!...good to know I am so amusing when I'm's been two weeks now and I am starting to feel a bit better. Got stuck into the housework this weekend and the dreaded pile of washing that has been accumulating due to all of the wet weather we have been having here lately....and I am glad to say that it is all done.

I even managed to watch a couple of episodes of my most recently aquired Little House on the Prairie DVD ...and wait for it ....(hope you are sitting down for this) ...actually got some crafting done this afternoon...WOOOHOOO!!!!

Anyways...I normally don't share too many of the creations for my websites with you as I try to keep my blog posts more on the "light and cheery side" rather than focusing on what I sell....but I am pretty proud of what I was able to accomplish this afternoon I thought what the heck!! I was at a loss as to what else to post

Here are a couple of pics of some of the "gear" I got finished this will have to forgive the photos as they are a bit dark and the colours are all worng due to me taking them inside at night with the flash...

...pantry Jars

...more Pantry Jars

...and a few more

...rusty pantry tins

...pail of grubby apples

...pail of grubby pears
They will all be listed for sale on my websites (as soon as I get chance to take some individual pics of them. Daylight is best for pictures, so it wont be before Thursday due to work commitments)/and some on TCCT shortly.

Well there you go...a successful day "in the office" I am proud to say. Wish there were more productive days like this!!!....maybe I should get the flu more

anyways....till next time...
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