Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Special Birthday and a "Santa Walk" for Charity

  Hiya all.....

Well it's definitely been a while since my last post hasn't it ???....but in all honesty I just haven't been able to find the time to get on here and blog away like I used to....lol

A few of things have happened of late that I will share with you...some exciting...some not so exciting but I am in a very "sharing" mood so I will spill the lot...tee hee!

Firstly....starting this week I am now finally back to working only three days a week...woohooo!!!...so hopefully I will have a bit more spare time up my sleeve to get some of "my" stuff done...ie sewing, creating, blogging, sleeping....lol

Anyhoo...as from this week I am only working Wednesday through Friday and hope to be able to concentrate a bit more on my website business and the neverending chores that I have been ignoring at home.....how exciting!
(well it is for me...maybe not so for you guys...but I did warn y'all)
....and seeing as I have had a bit of time this week I decided first priority was to get out my "chrissy gear" and "deck the halls" so to speak...
(nothing like prioritising is there...hee hee!!).

Okay...onto the exciting stuff....(well hopefully you will find it slightly interesting..lol)....

Our sweet little Charlotte Jade (Charlie or CJ to her friends) has turned TWO!!!....I know!!...it's hard to believe isn't it!!
...but there she was looking alll "purty" in her party dress...very excited, although I am pretty certain she had no idea what was going on!

There were little friends, pinyartas, ice blocks, fairy bread and lots of cake

and I am happy to say that she had such a good time that it all got a bit much in the end and it was nap time...just in the nick of time I would say...wouldn't you....lol...check out how she fell asleep!!!!

Here are a few more pics from the special day.....

and finally...off to bed after a VERY big day!

Now...from Birthday's onto Christmas.....

Last weekend saw Jeff and I and a few close friends join in on the Variety Club Santa Fun Run which took place bright and early on Sunday morning and went for 5 klms from Sydney's beautiful Darling Harbour right around to the to the steps of the stunning Sydney Opera House. All monies raised went to the Variety Club that raises money for sick kids.....a great cause!!

Here we are....with a lady (holding sign) and a couple of "ring ins" (on the left) who wanted a pic of us all for their Christmas Card...lol
What a sight it was....over 2000 people (all ages) fully decked out in Santa suits (complete with fluffy white beards....pounding the pavement for charity. Most (including our unfit lot) chose to walk the 5 klms, taking about an hour at a leasurely pace, however I understand the first runner through did it in about 15 minutes!!

Anyways...it was a great morning spent with friends...for a great charity.
Here are a few pics of the day......

..as I said...all shapes and sizes!

...waiting to start

...on our way...

...what a sight!!!

Well that's about it for me for the time being....a bit of a long post ....sorry, but I was overdue for a catch up....
Till next time....

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