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It's beginning to feel a "bit" like christmas....

Hello all my wonderful blog friends...if you are still all it sure has been a while! Life just has a way of getting too busy doesn't it? Menial things like work and responsibilities (hee hee)have a habit of getting in the way of doing what we really want to do dont they?
Oh well, as Ned (Kelly that is) said - "such is life...."
I am pleased to say that (apart from getting anything else done that I am supposed to) I have managed to make a start on my christmas decorating.
It is Sunday morning, hubby was having a well earned sleep in, so I  thought this would be a great time to share some pics with you...
Please allow me to show you around my now "somewhat Christmassy" home....I hope you like enjoy the tour...
As you walk in the front door....welcome!  
a short stroll down the hall and into the kitchen ...a closer look

..just a hint of holly and a plum pud
on the old metters stove
...what's christmas without a ginger or two!
Now lets toddle o…