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The rains..... they are a comin'....

....but thankfully they've settled a bit now... It's wet, wet, wet ! not the pop band...the
I thought I would share with you a few pics of our local river and how the recent wet weather has affected us. The Hawkesbury river was already swollen due to all of the recent rain but add to that the overflow from Warragamba Dam on Friday evening  and we saw the local bridges closed due to rising flood waters. The Yarramundi was the first to close on Friday eveining, followed by the Windsor and North Richmond (our local bridge and road out of town) early on Saturday morning.
The dam last overflowed 14 years ago!. In fact it rose 13% to it's 100% capacity this week alone with all of the rain we have had recently. Hard to believe that 6 months ago oit was at less than 50% and we were all on water restrictions. Now it is releasing 135,000 megalitres of water a day!
Initially they thought we would be looking at the bridges being out for 2-3 days but thankfully easing r…