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I have had to purchase a new sewing machine as I have somehow managed to "kill" my oldie.....and it got me to thinking of how times have changed.
Gone are the days where everything was painstakingly stitched by hand...perfectly sized stitching that one has to study hard to realize is not actually created by a machine, but lovingly handstitched. I have a couple of older pieces in my collection that are handstitched and the workmanship is truely beautiful.
When sewing machines were introduced they were very basic and offered none of the "bells and whistles" we see today....although again they produced fine quality garments for loved family members and friends. new about "bells and whistles"...automatic needle threader, a button to move the needle up and down (no winding of any kind required!), automatic button holer...70 computerised stitches, LED display...(to name just a few)....and this was one of the cheaper more basic m…

Merry Christmas to one and all.....

A Merry Christmas from my family to yours!
Had a wonderful day yesterday....I don't know who was more excited...CJ opening all of her pressies... or us "grown-ups" watching
...either way it was a wonderful day spent with family that I will never forget...made even more special because of our precious little Charlotte!
I hope you all experienced the special Spirit of Christmas yesterday!!

Anyways...we are heading back over to my brother's for "leftovers" for dinner tonite and another welcome dose of CJ magic.....woohoo ...cant wait ...!
Till next time......  Chris x

Fa la la la la la lah...Oh Christmas Tree , Oh Christmas Tree....Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells .....

Well I have"FINALLY" popped up the Chrissy deco's!!!....and with a week to spare!!! like leaving a job until the last minute is there!!

Main Lounge Room

Honestly...I really dont know why I bothered as we are not having anyone over this year that will see them (we are off to my brother's ....cant' wait!!!)....but after our "icky" christmas last year with Mum, Charlotte and my nephew in hospital.....I thought I would make the effort to get these out!...and after all Christmas just ain't Christmas without a Christmas tree is it?

Dining Room
....most of the decos are handmade either by myself, by talented friends of mine or I have purchased them from the states and they only get to see the light of day and the twinkle of christmas lights for a couple of weeks a year, which is a real heck...why not put them out!!!

I really didn't have the time (should have been catching up on all my undone household chores that have bee…
I'm a bit late with this post...... but better late than never has always been my motto!
Now..... the little cutie-pie pictured above I am sure you will recognise as my little neice Charlotte and... although I am struggling to believe it.... she is one already!!! how time flies. This major event came to pass about a month ago..but I have only just received some lovely up to date pics from my "sis"...hence the late post!
It seems like only yesterday I laid eyes on my new little "best friend"!....and that is what we are fast becoming. She is the sweetest little person I have ever met and the joy I get from my visits, her cuddles, chuckles and sloppy kisses is immense...well its practically immeasurable!!!. I just love her to bits (but I am certain you will have guessed that
Having not been blessed with kids myself I am so grateful to my sweet brother and sister-in-law (who is more like my sis) for allowing me to be so involved in her little life.

Been feeling unwell lately?.......

Well.....maybe I have just the thing to help you???? ...if you are game that is!
Meet my vintage medicine collection..... Now before you go getting your britches in a twist...they are for show only...I dont use them!...although with some of the miracles that they proclaim (and it is printed in black and white on the packaging so it must be true)...maybe I should try a few! many to pick from ...but let me start with this little beauty.....I just love the bottle it is in and the whole look of it!
Let me fill you in on some of its many uses (please note that all comments are made in gest and are not intended to devalue the product)
Recommended for;- Muscular rheumatism... (alright)
Chilblains (can live with that)
Muscular cramps (so far so good)
Stiffness and soreness of muscles due to exertion, exposure or fatigue (yeppers)
Mosquito bites and stings of many non-poisonous insects... (still okay with it)
Cold feet, neuralgia, stiff neck from exposure and drafts. Lumbago, Back ache, Bruises (u…