I'm a bit late with this post...... but better late than never has always been my motto!

Now..... the little cutie-pie pictured above I am sure you will recognise as my little neice Charlotte and... although I am struggling to believe it.... she is one already!!!...my how time flies. This major event came to pass about a month ago..but I have only just received some lovely up to date pics from my "sis"...hence the late post!

It seems like only yesterday I laid eyes on my new little "best friend"!....and that is what we are fast becoming. She is the sweetest little person I have ever met and the joy I get from my visits, her cuddles, chuckles and sloppy kisses is immense...well its practically immeasurable!!!. I just love her to bits (but I am certain you will have guessed that already...lol)

Having not been blessed with kids myself I am so grateful to my sweet brother and sister-in-law (who is more like my sis) for allowing me to be so involved in her little life.

Visits with Charlotte nowadays result in big "toothy"(well all 4-6 of them) grins from her when she sees me walk in, and lead to fits of giggles and squeals of delight, which I can tell you melts this old softie's heart in an instant! I think from here-on in I will always be known as "Aunty Grrrr" as that is what she says to me when she sees me...coz of all the silly games we play.

Try to imagine this 40+ crafter crawling around the floor chasing her only to be set upon by her chasing me...round and round the lounge in my brothers family room (tiled floor so you could imagine how the knees feel...lol)..."rahhhhs"..."grrrrs" .... "I'm gunna get you's" echoing through the room, followed by squeals of delight (yes from both of us...lol)...it is a real sight  I can assure you.

Afternoons have been spent rolling round on the grass, playing peek-a-boo and singing nursery rhymes that I thought I had long forgotten.

I am instantly transported back to my childhood....not to mention that I seem to have "become" my dad....with all of his corny antics, silly songs and games ....(sweet memories from my childhood).... once again filling my head and now coming from me!............how hillarious!!
....and fun, fun fun!.

She is just scrumdidlyumptious and my favorite little person in all of the whole wide world!

Watching her open her birthday presents (with help from mummy and daddy of course) was such a delight. Her precious little face lit up and as she studied each item presented to her and kisses and cuddles were duly given to each and every gift....just gorgeous!

Roll on christmas..........I can't wait!!!

Till next time.......Chris x


  1. Just look at that gorgeous girl!!!!No wonder you turn to Marshmallow when your with her. It is such a beautiful frienship you have with Charlotte. I pity the poor little pet when she is old enough for boyfriends though, they won't stand a chance with Aunty Duckling watching protectively over her girl!!!!
    (Are you sure you have enough Chrissy presents for her????)

  2. Chris, she is just adorable. What a lucky little girl to have such a devoted and loving Auntie.

  3. Jackie~Oh my gosh...dont talk to me about Christmas presents!...I am gunna be in sooo much trouble with her mum and dad it wont be funny...I think I have spoiled her (just a wee bit!) xx

    Laurel~ Thanks Laurel...but in all honesty I am the lucky one xxx


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