Fa la la la la....la la la lah...Oh Christmas Tree , Oh Christmas Tree....Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells .....

Well I have "FINALLY" popped up the Chrissy deco's!!!....and with a week to spare!!!...lol....nothing like leaving a job until the last minute is there!!

Main Lounge Room

Honestly...I really dont know why I bothered as we are not having anyone over this year that will see them (we are off to my brother's ....cant' wait!!!)....but after our "icky" christmas last year with Mum, Charlotte and my nephew in hospital.....I thought I would make the effort to get these out!...and after all Christmas just ain't Christmas without a Christmas tree is it?

Dining Room

....most of the decos are handmade either by myself, by talented friends of mine or I have purchased them from the states and they only get to see the light of day and the twinkle of christmas lights for a couple of weeks a year, which is a real shame....so heck...why not put them out!!!


I really didn't have the time (should have been catching up on all my undone household chores that have been put aside this last few weeks while I was busy with TCCT and getting ready for my Christmas markets).... and managed to make even more mess for me to clean up....but I am happy now that I have them out as it kind of "feels a bit like christmas" around here now....plus it was waaaaay more fun than household chores!!

Family Room

Okay...so seeing as no-one else will probably see them...I thought I would indulge myself and share my truckload (or should it be sliegh-load??) of piccies with y'all.

 I didnt put all the deco's out this year...only one of the big trees and some of the other stuff...............

Miscellaneous bits!!!!

So.....welcome y'all to my home! I hope you enjoyed my piccies and I wish you and your families a very Safe and Happy Christmas and New Year!!.

...till next time...which may possibly be next year now!!!!...but you never , never know!!
Chris x 


  1. What A gorgeous prim Christmas House you have Chris.

  2. Thanks Laurel....but I can assure you it was far from gorgeous before I caught up with my housework this week...lol. Poor old house has been a bit neglected of late, but it is breathing a sigh of relief now xx

  3. Well done you! I'm so glad you finally got your house nice and christmassy. Looks gorgeous!!! Merry Xmas to you and that poor husband of yours (lol) Hugs xxxxxx

  4. It all looks really, really beautiful Chris!! So loving it! The biggest of Christmas hugs and kisses. XOXOXO

  5. Jackie~ What do you mean my poor husband???...he's just used to me by now!!!...lol. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well xxx

    Pam~ Thanks so much Pammy....you have a great Chrissy also xxx

  6. Hi Chris, I was just looking at your current post and this Christmas post from 3 years ago came up too. I can't believe I missed this one!
    As always, your home looks gorgeous! :) Thanks for sharing these great pics! x


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