Thursday, October 22, 2009

No truer words written.......

As I was pondering what to write about this week...I wandered around my home and came up with unlimited silly stories that I could write, about one thing or the other, until I paused in front of this stitchery that normally graces my loungeroom wall.

This week,.... I thought.... I will do something entirely different.....dare I say "risque" and consider writing something...wait for it....SERIOUS???

Serious! ...Serious???? I hear you say!!...Me?..... be serious.....well maybe for a minute or two I could manage it!! .......So,  I sat down at my computer, uploaded the photo, and started to think about my mum.

My dear sweet mum!........Where would I would I describe her....well two words kept coming to mind.....BEST FRIEND!

Then on thinking back I realised it hasn't always been like that (well it has, but I guess I just lost sight of it at the time). As a teenager we went through a bit of a bit of a rough patch. Of course we never stopped loving each other....just really knew how to push each others  I guess though,  if I am totally honest,  it was me who did most of the button pushing . A typical 16 year old with a point to prove and an attitude as big as her (wish I could say bustline...but that didn't come till later) Abba Collection!, but we usually both ended up in Nothing serious of course...just the normal teenage drama queen wanting her own way and mum......doing what she had to do coz she loved me and didnt want to see me make silly mistakes.

Well once those "nasty" teenage hormones subsided we were didn't last for long and we look back now and wonder what all the fuss was about. I thank her for it now but at the time........geez louise! .....I gave her a hard time!

Anyways....MY MUM......
My confidante, my biggest fan, my biggest critic, my sounding board,  my cooking teacher, my dance partner,  my shopping mate, my "I'll give anything a go-er", my "egger-onnerer", my "she thinks coz she is welsh she can sing"...(but she can't!),  my idol, my rock, my best girlfriend.......and above hero!  On top of all of that, my mum is the one who will always sit and laugh with me till we I supose I have her to thank for my sense of humor as well!

I love ya mum and I'm trooley-rooley sorry about the "like" brain freeze I had back in the 80's but I think every 16 year old daughter was the same (well that's my excuse and I'm a stickin' to it).

So there you have it..... I can stick to a serious thought... surprised aren't you all??

Okay...well I will finish this post off wth a little tribute to "me mum"......
You had best grab yourself a tissue though, before you continue reading.....its a bit of a "tear jerker"

A Poem to Me Mudder
(Author not known)
When me prayers were poorly said,
who tucked me into me bed,
and spanked me till me arse was red? .....Me Mudder.

Who took me from me cozy cot,
and put me on me ice cold pot,
and made me pee if me could not? .....Me Mudder.

And when the morning light would come,
and in me crib me dribble some,
who wipe me tiny widdle bum? ......Me Mudder.

Who would me hair so gently part,
and hug me gently to her heart,
and sometimes squeeze me till me fart? ....Me Mudder.

Who looked at me with eyebrows knit,
and nearly had a king sized fit,
when in my Sunday clothes me sh...t? .....Me Mudder.

When at night the bed did sqeak,
me raised me head to have a peek,
who yelled at me to go to sleep? .......Me Fadder.

Oh yeah.....Of course I love you too dad!...
Till next time........ 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

OH......"These boots were made for walkin'......."

Oh I gunna be in big strife this time or what??

Above is a picture of my recent imports from the states, supposedly to list for sale on either of my websites.....but "lansakes" (just thought I would keep my cursing in line with the I dont want to part with any of them.

As a matter of pair has already made its way into my prim home and been added to my already indulgent collection....

.....but HAVE to be honest....who could resist these little gems????

Wow...where have they been...? What have they experienced.....?'re gunna be sorry is my theory.....
(stop rolling your eyes Jackie and just cue the dreamy music and smoke haze!)

"...they belonged to a boy or a tom-boy (had to have.... coz surely no self respecting little girlie-gal's boots would have ended up like my bet is with a boy.
His name...probably Isaiah, Elijah ....or Jebadiah. He would have worn them in the "crick" while untanglin' his fishin line' or frog catchin'...kicked along a big ball made of rags or a tin can and probably run a thousand miles...most of them to get away from the attentions of a little girl called ??? wait......Permelia,...yep that's it! 

They would have been worn to school, to church, to funerals,  to picnics and when forced.... to dances. He probably only owned one pair and even then...they were not retired after he had outgrown them...oh no siree!.....they were passed down to his little brothers ....Zachariah,  Nathaniel and Abraham......... wonder they're so worn out!!...."

Ahhh....but I digress....Now...see how I get myself into trouble?
 I really should be working out which of these others, if any,  I am going to pop up for sale.(Truthfully...for what they cost me it should be all of them!!!)
I have been a little bit good...I sold one pair (but I already have a pair similar....hee hee!)

Oh well....had best go and procrastinate over it a bit more.....and go and strategically hide the ones I have already kept somewhere within the bowels of my primitive display so hubby will be none the

As long as I dont wear them I should get away with it......after all I think that sometimes he thinks that these would be more a fitting pair for me to wear

...lolololol or shoud I say "cackle cackle cackle" where on earth did I park that broomstick!!...
Oh well...keep your eyes peeled on the websites....but maybe you shouldn't hold your breath just
Bye for now

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