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ALL ABOARD!!!!.....for next stop of my home tour!!!

Destination.............Master Bedroom.....WHY???....'coz it was
Well hello there my BLOG friends.....yesss-sir-eee.... it has been a while in between posts I know.... but this is one busy gal here. Work has kept me quite busy of late. I am in the throws of setting up a website for my boss at the moment , which is quite a big job in itself, plus I have just had the Chocolate Crow changeover to organise for another month, sewing to do, business chores to deal with, housework ....blah, blah, blah.....and sadly a funeral to attend....

But I have made it through the other end and believe it or not am actually the most organised I have been in some time. The housework is even done!!!....AND I managed to get some crafting done (boy oh boy have I missed that) AND even spent some time today on my poor neglected websites!!!
So while I was taking piccy's for the websites I thought would take some extra pics and share with you another part of my home (after all...I did promise to…

A day at the wanna come too????

It's been a while in between posts I know......but I am sure you all know how it is...busy, busy, busy and all that jazz!...... This time I thought I would share with you a family day out.

Last weekend Jeff and I had the opportunity to spend a wonderful day at Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo with my brother, sister-in-law and our little neice CJ....and what a lovely day we had!.

"the little sweetie herself" (scuze  the "dribble catcher" (bib),.... but she is getting more teeth and is losing dribble by what seems to be the bucket
CJ was in awe of the animals, as being only 17mths old she had not seen alot of them before. Funnilly enough the birds (not in the cages but the ones flying overhead) seemed to be her did seeing the boats in the harbour and the planes flying overhead....things that seemed to have her uncle Jeff enthralled as Here are CJ and Uncle Jeff checking out the boats in Sydney Harbour.
It was a bit of …