ALL ABOARD!!!!.....for next stop of my home tour!!!

Destination.............Master Bedroom.....WHY???....'coz it was

Well hello there my BLOG friends.....yesss-sir-eee.... it has been a while in between posts I know.... but this is one busy gal here. Work has kept me quite busy of late. I am in the throws of setting up a website for my boss at the moment , which is quite a big job in itself, plus I have just had the Chocolate Crow changeover to organise for another month, sewing to do, business chores to deal with, housework ....blah, blah, blah.....and sadly a funeral to attend....

But I have made it through the other end and believe it or not am actually the most organised I have been in some time. The housework is even done!!!....AND I managed to get some crafting done (boy oh boy have I missed that) AND even spent some time today on my poor neglected websites!!!

So while I was taking piccy's for the websites I thought would take some extra pics and share with you another part of my home (after all...I did promise to, didn't I?)

Anyhoo........this time the old "home tour choo-choo" pulls into my master bedroom. Master Bedroom???....always sounds very posh I think....well I can assure you that our bedroom is far from

So here 'tis......

The walls have come up much more pink-ish in the photos...but I promise you they are a prim burgundy/plum colour. They may also look a little patchy ...not because I'm a crappy painter, but because they are done with suede

You may recall this green meatsafe cupboard from one of my earlier posts. If that is the case you wil probably have also noticed that I have had a change  of quilts and deco's in our room. I do this every year as the weather gets cooler....change to darker coloured accessories!...looks warmer...even if it doesn't feel

Hanging on the wall above the meatsafe is one of my most recent aquisitions. It is a very prim and grubby padded baby jacket and bonnet from the early 1800's...all hand stitched and the dealer tells me that it is actually exciting!!!...I guess that makes me feel better about how much I paid for it (or not!)

Here's a closer  pic of it...although it still doesn't do it justice!

And lastly my old oak dressing table and a collection of other favourite "bits and bobs"

One day I will get the time to paint and distress that timber shelf !

So there you have it......Stop #2 on the old "gathering my Thoughts/Countin' Crows/aka Chris's home tour. Hope you enjoyed it!

Don't quite know where we will be heading next or when...I guess it all depends on how much free time I get and which room gets to be tidied enough to warrant having it's picture (I can assure you it won't be the junk room...tee hee)

Either way y'all had best rug up for the next leg of the tour as it is getting mighty cold here this last few weeks and the old red caboose ("gathering my thoughts express") aint too modern and has been known to let a few drafts

Till next time .......... Chris x


  1. Hi Chris,
    Once again, a lovely room! The quilts are just gorgeous! Oh, and that 'Baby Dress' is so pretty. Well, actually the whole room is lovely.:) Thanks again, for sharing these beautiful pics!
    Barb x

  2. THat was a fun tour! I love the new baby dress.
    BTW I love suede paint so don't worry, I didn't doubt your painting skills for a second!
    Have a cozy weekend,

  3. beautiful.. I LOVE the green cupboard and the baby dress is so lovely!! You have wonderful taste Chris! :)

  4. Barb....Thanks Barb. Yep the dress is gorgeous isnt it? (well gorgeously prim..its pretty grubby!). I'm off up to work for a bit today and then going to take a drive up the who knows what other treasures I may find today...although considering my bank balance they will have to be cheapies this xxx

    Christine...I can tell you are a "kindred spirit" Suede paint...its soooo much fun to apply isn't it......not looking forward to when I have to repaint though!...who knew that you have to sand it all back to repaint???

    Oh well....suede paint stays forever is what I'm Thanks for taking my tour! xxx

    Andy....Thanks Andy. Judging by some of the pics on your BLOG and how you describe yourself in your profile.... I reckon we may have similar tastes also. How nice would it be if all us like-minded gals could get to gether and go antiquing or "junkin"....what a fun day that would be!!! I say we come over there though...coz you have waaay more to choose from than us gals here in Aussieland!...maybe that could be the next "tour" "international junkin tour" xxx

  5. Very nice, love the baby jacket and bonnet!! Will be interesting to see what you bring home from your drive today! Hope you had fun playing at

  6. Why thankyou kindly Jackster....Hmmm.... well I intended just popping up to Rick Rutherfords after my stop off at work to grab another braided rug, but I was irresistably drawn to a couple of my favourite antique shops...where I got a huge old Agee jar...(a big fat one with a little lid...very nice) an old hand embroidered linen handkerchief holder (of all things!) and a couple of bits of old sewing memorabilia.

    I also grabbed my braided rug, a framed stitchery and a beautiful turquoise bracelet from Rick's! much for the failing bank balance...(and stop tisk-tisking me....I'm a working gal now remember- I obviously just work to shop!!!) xxx

  7. Wow Chris...what a fabulous Master Bedroom.....Im coming to live at your place! LOL :)


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