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That's what friends are for....

Well... this past week wasn't the best. I wont go into the nitty gritty coz it wont change is what it is and it's behind me now so there's a positive right

Anyways, the working week being over and done with, we enjoyed a long weekend this weekend and apart from working for most of it hubby and I managed to enjoy a couple of outings this weekend. It doesn't happen too often but I am happy to say that we went out (yes I said twice!.

The first was a trip up the coast on Saturday afternoon with my hubbys brother to watch the Australian Sidecar Championship. For those of you unaware of what sidecars are...they are dirtrack speedway bikes where there is a rider and a "swinger"...(no not that sort of swinger)...The swinger is a VERY brave individual who literally hangs off the side of the bike to help balance it whilst it travels at extremely high speeds around a oval dirt track....very exciting to watch let me tell you.

Well it tur…