Monday, February 13, 2012

Yoo-hoo!.....Looky here!....I'm Back!!

Hello one and all....I bet you all thought I had disappeared into some dark and lonely corner of blog land...never to be seen again, but no...I have just had plenty of stuff going on since I posted last, but am back now and looking forward to catching up with everyone again.

Firstly thank you thank you thank you to all of you who sent your support either through blog comments, email messages, phone calls, hugs etc etc. I can tell you that they were most appreciated not only by me but by my family as well.

Since posting last my brother has been doing well. Although it was touch and go for a while the doctors amazingly managed to save his leg and after several operations and many weeks in hospital he was allowed to return home where he is now under the care of a visiting nurse and is semi-mobile with the aid of a wheelchair and sometimes crutches.

Things are looking much more positive for him however it is still a waiting game to see if he will regain the use of his leg...but he is happy to be home and is making the most of the situation he has been dealt.

Shortly after my last post we also had some bad news about my dad when he was diagnosed with lung cancer back in the end of November. Fortunately the doctors were able to operate and after surgery at the end of January he is now home recouperating and doing well.

He was in hospital for just under two weeks and the day prior to his release we were given the best news possible....they had got it all, it had not spread to his lymph glands and no further treatment was required....what a relief!!!

So, as you would imagine it has been a trying time for us all and after spending 2 weeks staying in the city with mum whilst dad was in hospital it has been a bit of a trial trying to catch up on everything

Anyways...I just wanted to post a bit of an update as y'all have been so kind truly warmed my heart xxx

OKAY...onto something a bit cheerier....

I have never joined in on a "Meme" before but whilst I was pondering what to chat about I was browsing through some of my favourite blogs and found this one on a couple of friends  blogs. It is My Place and Yours: On the wall!. Vic has asked "Show us what’s on your wall! Your kitchen wall, your bedroom wall, both or neither, let us have a bit of a sticky beak!".

I decided....what the heck...I can do that so I joined in....
I hope you like the pics!

Here's what is on some of my walls...

...and on some other walls
...not many blank walls at my

If you would like to join in or would like to see more of "Show us what's on your wall" ......pop on over to  Punky And Me and take a look.

'Til next time.....
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