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Out with the Old and in with the......Old????

I spoke last time about my shoe fetish....

Well I'm share with you another indulgence of mine...this time it involves my love of old furnishings and an old meatsafe cupboard that "I just HAD to have". I dont know what possessed me to buy it as I have no room to put it, nor the ample budget required to allow such a purchase,....but now graces my home!

I thought it would be nice to store my vintage quilts......well per normal what I think and what I do are two completely separate things and my new (but really old) meatsafe has now found a home in our bedroom, which has undergone a huge facelift just to accomodate it!!!

Up until Friday afternoon our room was on the "prim" side incorporating a collection of my old treasures, a prim patchwhork quilt and a gorgeous old distressed cupboard.....but not any more!!!.

Now....they do say that a change is as good as a holiday (and lordy be.... how I need a holiday!) I literally dragged…

Walk a mile in my shoes....

I have a secret......I have a shoe fettish!....yes indeedy I do!
Now....before you go calling me "Imelda", I think I should let you in on another little choice piece of information....I DONT WEAR ANY OF!!! now you are thinking "this girl is really nuts" please allow me to explain to you why this really isn't the case (well not this time anyways). As a matter of fact I dont wear them (and couldn't even if I wanted to )....... coz I can't!!....none of them are my size!
....and why pray tell is that you ask?...well I guess I haven't been too clear have I?

YESSUM..... I do have a shoe fetish but it is for antique prairie shoes and little worn treasures from times past that leave one (well me at least) gazing at them in awe and wondering what they could tell me could they talk!

Who's company did they keep, how many fences and trees did they climb, how many creeks (or should I say "c…


My days often lead me in many a different directions...and more often than not it is in the opposite direction of where I should be headed.....BUT (and in my world there is ALWAYS a but)...there is nothing better than picking up the phone and hearing the delight of a friend simply because you have taken the time to see how they are travelling.

Many an hour is spent on the phone giggling with friends.....all the time me knowing that it is precious time that should be spent elsewhere...but hang it.....giggling is much better fun! ....and we all know that girls are meant to giggle!

With many of my crafting friends interstate, they cannot be simply called and requested "pop the kettle on...I'm coming over".....but no matter.......we make up for it with our special phone chats!.....and who knows one day I may just make that familiar call and actually be on the girls (and you know who y'all are).....keep that kettle handy and a Betty Crocker packet mix in the cu…