Walk a mile in my shoes....

I have a secret......I have a shoe fettish!....yes indeedy I do!

Now....before you go calling me "Imelda", I think I should let you in on another little choice piece of information....I DONT WEAR ANY OF THEM......lol!!!

Okay...so now you are thinking "this girl is really nuts"....so please allow me to explain to you why this really isn't the case (well not this time anyways). As a matter of fact I dont wear them (and couldn't even if I wanted to )....... coz I can't!!....none of them are my size!

....and why pray tell is that you ask?...well I guess I haven't been too clear have I?

YESSUM..... I do have a shoe fetish but it is for antique prairie shoes and boots...lol....YESSIREE-BOB.....those little worn treasures from times past that leave one (well me at least) gazing at them in awe and wondering what they could tell me could they talk!

Who's company did they keep, how many fences and trees did they climb, how many creeks (or should I say "criks") did they cross, how many races did they win .......how many miles did they travel?

My collection date from the late 1800's through to the 1930's....when times were simple and nothing was discarded until it could no longer serve a purpose. Shoes were passed down from child to child. Many a child owned only one pair ....worn until they were outgrown or simply wore out and could be repaired no more.

New boots were a rare luxury, unless a member of a "well to do" family!....not like today where we struggle to fit our newest pair into our already bulging closet! If the pioneers and prairie folk could see us now???.........."Lan-sakes!"......... I can hear them declaring!

Anyways I have bundled some of my collection up for the  photograph...I hope you appreciate them for the little gems they are...... just the same as I do!

Till next time...........

Chris x 


  1. Wow Chris, They are just beautiful I to love them but sadly don't own a pair where do you get them from? I would love to own a pair one day. I am so jealous, Have a beautiful Evening. Lisa Olive Grove Primitives

  2. Oh yes Chris! They are wonderful. Hadn't realised you had so many. So much character in them.

  3. Hey Lisa....most of them came from the states, however I did find a couple of pairs over here in an antiques store...was most excited at the find!

  4. Oh Chris, they are gorgeous..
    I love them too, although only have the one pair..lol..but have wondered who walked in them and wish they could tell me their owners story..
    Let me know if you have any more for my collection..lol..
    luv Ann.xxx

  5. Lol Ann....Hmmmm...I wonder where on earth you may have found them?...lol

    As to their story.....I have it on good authority that they would have once belonged to a very little pair of happy feet! xxx


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