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Can you see what I see...???

I have been a bit slack (well okay a LOT slack) on the BLOG front of late but have been finding myself a bit busy and therefore short of time (but hey what else is
This being said I decided it was well past time for a blog post. Hmmm....but now I have found some time to post I am faced with my next problem.... what to write about???
Well..... this lead me to wander aimlessly around my home and started me thinking about some of the things I love that I have surrounding me on a daily basis. For a change I am not going to talk about family or friends..... this time it's more so the things that I love that I have collected over the years. The old, vintage and pre-loved items that surround me in my day to day life...
When I look at these items I see more than just their physical prescence... often I am lead to imagine the history behind them... their previous owners... their uses... I imagine this is why I am drawn to them in the first place!
Anyways....I guess this is my long…