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I'm a lucky gal...yes indeedy I am !

I had a birthday a week or so ago and was totally and utterly spoiled by some of my friends and my family. So.... in this post, I thought I would share a few of the thoughtful "primmy" gifts I received with you....
Now.....before you ask...NO..... I'm not going to tell you how old I was as I am trying to forget that (or maybe thats just the "ol-timer's" kickin' in....tee
Anyways enough of that old age natterin'......feist your eyes on these (and please feel free to pop on your spectacles, should you think you need them....who am I to judge!) firstly let me tell you that I had a day out recently with a dear friend and we did what we do best....shopped for old Now my dear sweet (but obviously senile husband) told me that if I saw anything I liked to grab it and he would give it to me as my birthday present.....was he game or what????
Anywhoooo.....this is what I found.... Isn't it just beautiful. I…