I'm a lucky gal...yes indeedy I am !

I had a birthday a week or so ago and was totally and utterly spoiled by some of my friends and my family.
So.... in this post, I thought I would share a few of the thoughtful "primmy" gifts I received with you....

Now.....before you ask...NO..... I'm not going to tell you how old I was as I am trying to forget that part....lol.... (or maybe thats just the "ol-timer's" kickin' in....tee hee...lol).

Anyways enough of that old age natterin'......feist your eyes on these (and please feel free to pop on your spectacles, should you think you need them....who am I to judge!)

Okay.....now firstly let me tell you that I had a day out recently with a dear friend and we did what we do best....shopped for old goodies...lol. Now my dear sweet (but obviously senile husband) told me that if I saw anything I liked to grab it and he would give it to me as my birthday present.....was he game or what????

Anywhoooo.....this is what I found....
Isn't it just beautiful. It's Edwardian and is made from a voile type fine check fabric with cotton lace trim and piping.
The picture above is more true to it's real-life colour....
I have it on an old maneqquin top that I have "balanced" on an old timber pedestal but its a bit "shakey" to say the least, so I will have to sort something a bit more permanent out for the base and I also need to find a petticoat to pop under it...

Hubby also gave me some money (told ya he was senile....lol) to pay off this great old set of depression era drawers that I have had on layby at work forever!!
How lucky am I????.....I'd lend him out girls...but I feel it only fair to advise you all that there IS a downside...he doesn't do lawns, gardens and  isn't the least bit domesticated when it comes to doing things around the house....lol

Now.... I mentioned that I recieved some lovely gifts from some of my thoughtful friends and none more special than this one that I received from my great mate Jackie.....

This year I had planned to take myself off and join a quilting class as it is something that I have always wanted to accomplish, however my return to work soon put the "keiber" on that one and it was not meant to be....

This sweet woman remembered me mentioning it to her in passing and along with a truely gorgeous handmade scarf (love my scarves...lol) this is what she sent me......
Please take special note of the wording on the pattern below!!!

How special is that???....a quilted hanging designed especially for me by one of my favourite quilters!....with step by step instructions, the kind that only Jackie could write...lol.... Everything I need has been included and is marked as to where I should use it and explained in detail ....and even better still..... by doing this she has given me the opportunity to do something that I have wanted to do for such a long time....have a crafting day with her....one of my best mates!!

You see Jackie lives in VIC, some 8 or so hours drive away from my neck of the woods ...so a crafting day (let alone a one-on-one quilt class) is something that would never have normally happened....but look at us now!!!!

Jackie....I can't wait to get some free time to sit down with "you" and make up this little beauty....and I promise I will send photos!!! (the last step of the pattern process...lol)

Also from a couple of other long distance crafting friends I received these...

From my lovely friend Pam in QLD, a simply beautiful handmade apron made from vintage linens, doileys and laces....the picture simply does not do it justice..........

and from my sweet friend Suzie from SA...this lovely little handmade tattered teddie and a couple of crusty old kitchenalia goodies (that have already made their way into my kitchen)...

So thank you my dear, sweet friends.
I am truely blessed, not only for the lovely handmade gifts you sent me...
but because I have you three to call my friends xxxxxxxxx 

Til next time...... Chris x


  1. I'm so glad to have added joy to your day Chris! xxx

  2. Well Happy Birthday to you!!! You got some great stuff. That bear is just so cute.


  3. You deserved all your special gifts and more!! Can't wait to see your little Quilt all finished.
    Hugs, J xxx

  4. PAM....That you did Pam...that you did! xxx

    MARY...Thanks Mary...I sure did get spoiled didn't I? xxx

    JACKIE...I can't wait either J....But will have to for a little while at least coz I know my schedule for the next few weeks...lol xxx

  5. Happy Birthday!!
    I'm glad you had a special birthday with family & friends. Yes, you sure did get some lovely pressies. Enjoy! :)
    Barb x


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