Eighteen pair......and counting!!!

Regular followers of my BLOG would be aware of my passion for all things "old and prairie" and in particular my fetish for old victorian boots, about which I have written on a couple of occasions.

Well.......I have been on the scout for some for a couple of my customers and happened to come across a few lovely pairs....four to be precise....however as it seems to be with everything else in my life...this was not to be without dilemma...lol

The dilemma this time.....how do I sell them when they are just so perfectly prim & prairie and especially when I DON'T have a set like that in my collection???

Well the four pair quickly went down to three, then two...then one.....oops!!!..(be strong lassie and put at least one pair back)...aaaagggghhhhhh........back to two again, but very reluctantly!!...lol

I decided to keep these two pair
(youno coz I truley-ruley need them)

Anyways I have today popped the remaining two pair up on my Little House Primitives webstore for sale and I have run (very quickly before I change my mind...coz I really wanted the black ones as well...lol) with the other two to add them to my ever growing collection...

I thought (for lack of anything else to post about) I would share with you some pictures of my collection so far...

Soooooo.....I walked around and gathered my sweet little boots from all of their hiding spots around my home...and popped them all together on this old depression era box that I was lucky to find at work a few weeks back....

(SAFETY WARING:- Now try not to drool gals...its not good for the computer keyboard and definitely not lady like at all...lol)

...my high button boots...

my lace up boots...

and lastly but definitely not leastly (lol)  my ladies lace up boots....

Now ...I did say before that it was my collection so far...lol.
Yep...what can I say...I'm a sucker for them and I have been able to get my hands on a couple of ladies pairs, which are on their way to me as I speak......of course this will pose another dilemma...yep you guessed it.. do I keep them or do I sell them as initially intended.....

Well that my dear friends will have to be a question answered another day......in particular the day I recieve them, open up the parcel, study them, swoon over them (all dribble wiped away very gracefully with a cleanex...because I am kind of ladylike afterall), enjoy my quiet imaginin's of who once owned them....where they walked....what they saw, walk around and see where I could even possibly fit them at home.. try them on with my favourite blue prairie dress and ribbons (gotcha...lol...actually its a beige number not blue... just kidding...lol) and then repeat the process over and over until I guilt myself into popping at least one pair up for sale and then finding a permanent loving home for the other pair.......somewhere around here!!!

Lansakes...I think I am in need of a bit of an intervention....lol

Til next time.............Chris x


  1. OMG Imelda whoops meant Chris, your shoe collection is certainly a sight to see. Your reluctance to sell even one pair makes me even more grateful for the gorgeous pair sitting in my lounge room!! It's a wonderful obsession and really an intervention is uncalled for. Well not yet anyway, we'll see how many more you gather up!! J xxx

  2. ....the ladies lace ups.....were they reeeaaalllly made for walking...lol....!!!! I'm sure many of us would love to come to 'boot camp' at your place...lol... :) Happy collecting, Jenny

  3. Oh those boots are gorgeous, I can see why they would be hard to part with!

  4. What a great collection! I've often thought about adding a pair to my already overwhleming collection of prim stuff. LOL.


  5. I am always amazed that a collection becomes a part of ourselves and having to part with one seems to tug at your soul. After looking at your treasures I wouldn't doubt that it is with great difficulty that you could even part with ANY!

  6. I blame you for my new addiction!!! since I saw you dear little prairie shoes in one of your pictures I have been collecting them too, I almost cried when I received the first pair, they are so sweet & I would love to know who's tiny feet toddled around in them & where did they live, was he/she a happy baby did she/he have a long life ?? so much history.....DON'T SELL THEM!!!! kidding, you should share, ha ha

  7. Thanks for your comments girls...I have been a "busy-lizzy" this last week or so so have not had a chance to reply until now....

    JACKIE...oh what the heck....come up for an intervention...any excuse to get together will do....lol

    JENNY....You're weelcome any time...make sure you bring your sis with you as well!!

    Joolz....Simply no willpower...thats the problem...lol

    MARY....Now you said you were a "hoarder" in one of your previous posts...
    So really...what's another collection to add to the pile???...can't hurt can it??

    HIGGLERS NOTCH....So very very true!!

    CHRISSY F....Blame away...but I want pictures!!!!...lots of pictures!!


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