What a dfference a day makes.....

This last weekend I had the pleasure of spending Sunday afternoon at my brother and sister in-law's lovely home set on 2 acres with a gorgeous view of the great "aussie bush"!.

They are off to the US today for a business trip/holiday for 4 weeks and arranged a family BBQ to catch up before they left. For those of you who know me....you will know that this also meant playtime and lots of cuddles with my cutie-pie niece before she left!

The day was one of Sydney's best winter days in ages....sun shining , not a cloud in the sky and (dare I say it) even slightly warm-ISH!!!....lol

Anyways...the BBQ was great and Charlotte and I had fun chasing bubbles around the backyard (courtesy of the bubble blower that I spotted at the store on my way over (I knew it would be fun!).

I thought I would share a few pics with you (none of CJ chasing bubbles as I was the chief bubble blower and frankly.....got far too carried away to take any pictures...lol).

Nanny and Poppy bought her this litte desk and chairs
 ...so out came the colouring in books

"clevva aren't I ??"....well I admit I did get a little help!

Next it was out to the backyard for our "barbie"

Hmmm...what will I do while we wait for daddy to cook the BBQ .....

I know...lets play with the pets!!
with Bonnie the border collie....
would you believe this is CJ saying "cheese!!!!" for the camera ??
Now with Bosco the cat...

How's your day been Bosco???

Awe come on..don't chew the girly shoes....hang on that tickles!!

Mmmmm...getting a bit sunny...
no matter I'll just pop on Aunty Chris's "shades"...

A great day was had by all....a great day indeed!!!!

NOW......onto to the title of my post....

"What a difference a day makes" .....
Look at the snaps I took while driving to work yesterday....
(very naughty while driving I know....but???)

BRrrr back to the wintery weather I am afraid...lol



Oh boy!!.....
Can you see the car ahead of me ?...

Well that's about it for me for now.......
Thanks for sharing

Till next time..........stay warm!...

Chris x 


  1. What a darling little girl..loves the camera..lol..
    Looks like you had a terrific day..
    luv Ann.xx

  2. Thanks Ann...she sure is!....she does! ....and yes we had a wonderful day.

    Thanks for your comment....would seem that this is the only way we get to chat nowadays...lol

    Big hugs coming at ya Ann xxxx

  3. What a sweety & I love the foggy mornings, how lucky are you the drive to a job you love looks like a pretty one.

  4. Hi Chris, thanks so much for leaving a comment you know I didn't even think how bad am I we only had 7 days away and we where so busy the whole time. we are hoping to make another trip next year I will let you know I would love to meet you. Where are you in sydney? hope to take soon Lisa

  5. Thanks "Chrissy F"...yes we think she's pretty special!!!
    The drive to work IS quite lovely when I can see it....lol
    Hope your renno's are progressing well. I will pop on over to your blog when I get a sec and have a look at what you've been up to,
    "Chrissy B"xxxx

    Lisa...That'd be great Lisa. I am in the Hawkesbury....out over the river from Windsor/Ricmond....hope you are enjoying your week off at home xxx


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