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Are you sitting down....

Lordy, lordy it's been a little while hasn't it?

Well my friends I am afraid that life has just gotten in the way of blogging! Yep, that's right I admit it...silly stuff like work and family and ailing

I am pleased to say that everything seems to be back on track now. Everyone is reasonably well (including the dawg!) and I have settled into a bit more of a routine at work now that my days are the same every week, rather than changing.

So........Hmmmm....Uhmmmmm...... It would appear that I am out of practice....dare I say it?.... I don't know what to talk about!!!

Oh yes Jackie...I can hear you laughing all the way up here, a whole state away!!!...but it's true...I am at a bit of a loss!

After thinking back through the exciting events of my life this week (not) it led me to scour through my saved pictures, eventually coming up with this one....
Why you ask??? No real reason...just coz I liked it!
It's actually a picture of what I have on top of my fridge…