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Another make-over and a great day out!!!

Another makeover???....well this time cupboard or crafting is in fact a blog make-over!

You probably noticed that I gave my blog a bit of a "once-over" a couple of weeks back, although it is only now that I have had a chance to write a post about it...or as a matter of fact ...about anything Apart from my little plug on Tuesday about the crafting sale we have on at work I have been a bit quiet in my own little "blogland"

So,...the blog make-over...Why you ask??...well it all has to do with me wanting to be a little different. I have noticed a few blogs of late with the same graphics or backgrounds so decided it was high time to change things up a I changed the colours and added one of my own pictures.

The picture at the top is of some favourite prim pieces of mine, taken in front of my old faithful cupboard and chair (some of you will recognise these props from the background of my website listings). The cupboard is a…

A bit of a make-over!

I have had a shelf hanging on the wall in my entry for a few years now and even though I quite liked it...I felt it needed a bit of a make-over...youno a freshen up...a new lease on life...
Here is what it looked like (once I had removed its contents)...a bit boring I am afraid!
So I set about painting it up and giving it the old prim-over. First I painted the whole thing in buttermilk and once dried gave it a second coat with mustard....let that dry off and gave it a final coat with black.

I then set about sanding and distressing it and then gave it a good going over with dark stained beeswax. A good old polish .... a few little nic-nacs later .... and here you have it!....

Perfectly prim and much less boring! Til next time .... Chris x