A bit of a make-over!

I have had a shelf hanging on the wall in my entry for a few years now and even though I quite liked it...I felt it needed a bit of a make-over...youno a freshen up...a new lease on life...

Here is what it looked like (once I had removed its contents)...a bit boring I am afraid!

So I set about painting it up and giving it the old prim-over.
First I painted the whole thing in buttermilk and once dried gave it a second coat with mustard....let that dry off and gave it a final coat with black.


I then set about sanding and distressing it and then gave it a good going over with dark stained beeswax.
A good old polish .... a few little nic-nacs later ....
and here you have it!....

Perfectly prim and much less boring!
Til next time .... Chris x


  1. What a wonderful redo! Love how it turned out! And love those little shoes! ~~Annie

  2. Thankyou Annie...
    I have wanted to get stuck into a re-do of that little shelf for ages and am so pleased at how it turned out.

    The little shoes are part of my ever growing collection (of which I have only last week added yet another pair)....love em!!

    Have a wonderful safe and happy Easter x

  3. Just lovely! :)

    Hugs, Barb x

  4. Love the finished look of the shelf, Chris.....I'm sure with many friends admiring it, it's now wonder you have a padlock on it!!!...lol! Happy Crafting, Jenny

  5. Nice and prim..looks great. I love your little black & white two toned boots there too..might have to see if you can find a pair for me to add to my {very small} collection..lol..
    luv Ann.xxx

  6. Oh yep! Luving that one Chris. You did well! Great colour! x

  7. i just joined your blog and I love it!!!!!I love your prim goodies, I love your blog. I also have a blog I hope you can come by and join and check it out!!!! I will be back!!!!!

    Hillcrest Home Prims


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