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Eighteen pair......and counting!!!

Regular followers of my BLOG would be aware of my passion for all things "old and prairie" and in particular my fetish for old victorian boots, about which I have written on a couple of occasions.
Well.......I have been on the scout for some for a couple of my customers and happened to come across a few lovely pairs....four to be precise....however as it seems to be with everything else in my life...this was not to be without
The dilemma this do I sell them when they are just so perfectly prim & prairie and especially when I DON'T have a set like that in my collection???
Well the four pair quickly went down to three, then two...then one.....oops!!!..(be strong lassie and put at least one pair back)...aaaagggghhhhhh........back to two again, but very reluctantly!!
I decided to keep these two pair
(youno coz I truley-ruley need them)

Anyways I have today popped the remaining two pair up on my Little House Primitives webstore for sale and I h…

What a dfference a day makes.....

This last weekend I had the pleasure of spending Sunday afternoon at my brother and sister in-law's lovely home set on 2 acres with a gorgeous view of the great "aussie bush"!.
They are off to the US today for a business trip/holiday for 4 weeks and arranged a family BBQ to catch up before they left. For those of you who know will know that this also meant playtime and lots of cuddles with my cutie-pie niece before she left!
The day was one of Sydney's best winter days in ages....sun shining , not a cloud in the sky and (dare I say it) even slightly warm-ISH!!!

Anyways...the BBQ was great and Charlotte and I had fun chasing bubbles around the backyard (courtesy of the bubble blower that I spotted at the store on my way over (I knew it would be fun!).

I thought I would share a few pics with you (none of CJ chasing bubbles as I was the chief bubble blower and far too carried away to take any
Nanny and Poppy bought her this l…

Aaaah...the simple things!....

We are all so busy nowdays aren't we ? least I know I am..... and most days we are in such a hurry that we forget about the simple pleasures that life offers us.
I have been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to do anything, let alone pop up a post of any kind. So..... I thought that I would sit down this evening, after having spent the day doing all of my oustanding chores (and boy were there alot of them), and jot down a few "simple things " that I am thankful for from today....they all cost little or nothing, but mean alot!
.....a short sleep in (no work today)... .....hugs..... .....sunshine..... .....laughter..... .....the smell of freshly washed clothes..... email from a friend.... .....a phone call from mum... .....another from my sister in-law..... ....looking at my garden..... ....the satisfaction of a tidy house.... ...a cuddle with my dog and cat.... ...and lastly but by no means least....the phone call I received today from my nie…