Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have had to purchase a new sewing machine as I have somehow managed to "kill" my oldie.....and it got me to thinking of how times have changed.

Gone are the days where everything was painstakingly stitched by hand...perfectly sized stitching that one has to study hard to realize is not actually created by a machine, but lovingly handstitched. I have a couple of older pieces in my collection that are handstitched and the workmanship is truely beautiful.

When sewing machines were introduced they were very basic and offered none of the "bells and whistles" we see today....although again they produced fine quality garments for loved family members and friends. new about "bells and whistles"...automatic needle threader, a button to move the needle up and down (no winding of any kind required!), automatic button holer...70 computerised stitches, LED display...(to name just a few)....and this was one of the cheaper more basic models......I think some of the better ones even offer foot massages and make coffee when they sense you are stressed out and in need of

Gone are the days of foot treadles or hand winders, no leather belts on these machines to snap or timber to polish. My...just imagine the quality of work women from times past could have produced with the machines from nowadays! The britches made would have been grand!

Well with all of that said I am now left with trying to decifer the instruction manual before I whip up my first creation....maybe I will be pleasantly surprised and find the foot massage or coffee button hidden somewhere maybe I should just pop the kettle on and let the dog sit on my feet.....tee hee.

Well...thats about all the dribble I can manufacture this time round....y'all have a Happy and most importantly Safe New Year.

We are are away until the 5th so I will be back on deck sometime shortly after that.

Till next time.....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas to one and all.....

A Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Had a wonderful day yesterday....I don't know who was more excited...CJ opening all of her pressies... or us "grown-ups" watching

...either way it was a wonderful day spent with family that I will never forget...made even more special because of our precious little Charlotte!

I hope you all experienced the special Spirit of Christmas yesterday!!

Anyways...we are heading back over to my brother's for "leftovers" for dinner tonite and another welcome dose of CJ magic.....woohoo ...cant wait ...!

Till next time......

Friday, December 18, 2009

Fa la la la la la lah...Oh Christmas Tree , Oh Christmas Tree....Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells .....

Well I have "FINALLY" popped up the Chrissy deco's!!!....and with a week to spare!!! like leaving a job until the last minute is there!!

Main Lounge Room

Honestly...I really dont know why I bothered as we are not having anyone over this year that will see them (we are off to my brother's ....cant' wait!!!)....but after our "icky" christmas last year with Mum, Charlotte and my nephew in hospital.....I thought I would make the effort to get these out!...and after all Christmas just ain't Christmas without a Christmas tree is it?

Dining Room

....most of the decos are handmade either by myself, by talented friends of mine or I have purchased them from the states and they only get to see the light of day and the twinkle of christmas lights for a couple of weeks a year, which is a real heck...why not put them out!!!


I really didn't have the time (should have been catching up on all my undone household chores that have been put aside this last few weeks while I was busy with TCCT and getting ready for my Christmas markets).... and managed to make even more mess for me to clean up....but I am happy now that I have them out as it kind of "feels a bit like christmas" around here it was waaaaay more fun than household chores!!

Family Room seeing as no-one else will probably see them...I thought I would indulge myself and share my truckload (or should it be sliegh-load??) of piccies with y'all.

 I didnt put all the deco's out this year...only one of the big trees and some of the other stuff...............

Miscellaneous bits!!!!


So.....welcome y'all to my home! I hope you enjoyed my piccies and I wish you and your families a very Safe and Happy Christmas and New Year!!.

...till next time...which may possibly be next year now!!!!...but you never , never know!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm a bit late with this post...... but better late than never has always been my motto!

Now..... the little cutie-pie pictured above I am sure you will recognise as my little neice Charlotte and... although I am struggling to believe it.... she is one already!!! how time flies. This major event came to pass about a month ago..but I have only just received some lovely up to date pics from my "sis"...hence the late post!

It seems like only yesterday I laid eyes on my new little "best friend"!....and that is what we are fast becoming. She is the sweetest little person I have ever met and the joy I get from my visits, her cuddles, chuckles and sloppy kisses is immense...well its practically immeasurable!!!. I just love her to bits (but I am certain you will have guessed that

Having not been blessed with kids myself I am so grateful to my sweet brother and sister-in-law (who is more like my sis) for allowing me to be so involved in her little life.

Visits with Charlotte nowadays result in big "toothy"(well all 4-6 of them) grins from her when she sees me walk in, and lead to fits of giggles and squeals of delight, which I can tell you melts this old softie's heart in an instant! I think from here-on in I will always be known as "Aunty Grrrr" as that is what she says to me when she sees me...coz of all the silly games we play.

Try to imagine this 40+ crafter crawling around the floor chasing her only to be set upon by her chasing me...round and round the lounge in my brothers family room (tiled floor so you could imagine how the knees"rahhhhs"..."grrrrs" .... "I'm gunna get you's" echoing through the room, followed by squeals of delight (yes from both of is a real sight  I can assure you.

Afternoons have been spent rolling round on the grass, playing peek-a-boo and singing nursery rhymes that I thought I had long forgotten.

I am instantly transported back to my childhood....not to mention that I seem to have "become" my dad....with all of his corny antics, silly songs and games ....(sweet memories from my childhood).... once again filling my head and now coming from me! hillarious!!
....and fun, fun fun!.

She is just scrumdidlyumptious and my favorite little person in all of the whole wide world!

Watching her open her birthday presents (with help from mummy and daddy of course) was such a delight. Her precious little face lit up and as she studied each item presented to her and kisses and cuddles were duly given to each and every gift....just gorgeous!

Roll on christmas..........I can't wait!!!

Till next time.......

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Been feeling unwell lately?.......

Well.....maybe I have just the thing to help you????
...if you are game that is!

Meet my vintage medicine collection.....
Now before you go getting your britches in a twist...they are for show only...I dont use them!...although with some of the miracles that they proclaim (and it is printed in black and white on the packaging so it must be true)...maybe I should try a few! many to pick from ...but let me start with this little beauty.....I just love the bottle it is in and the whole look of it!

Let me fill you in on some of its many uses
(please note that all comments are made in gest and are not intended to devalue the product)

Recommended for;-
Muscular rheumatism... (alright)

Chilblains (can live with that)

Muscular cramps (so far so good)

Stiffness and soreness of muscles due to exertion,
exposure or fatigue (yeppers)

Mosquito bites and stings of many non-poisonous insects... (still okay with it)

Cold feet, neuralgia, stiff neck from exposure and drafts. Lumbago, Back ache, Bruises (uh-huh)

Application to chest back and throat,
sprains and strains of muscles and tendons (nothing out of the ordinary yet)

As a counter-irritant in Flatulence, apply over
stomach and abdomen and lay on flannel cloth ...
OMG!!!... THERE IT IS!!!!!

Have you ever heard anything so funny....

If it were true they would be selling it to wives worldwide ... all would be peaceful..... husbands would be laying quietly (hee hee) on their flanels, dogs all over the world would be free of blame and the ozone would be saved as airfreshener sales would have me-oh my what a hoot!....

And now for the Warnings....

Harmful if swallowed...(fair enough)
Inflammable...(okay, we will remember that)

Do not bandage after applying theLinament as it may cause blisters..........What the ???

Blisters ...why on earth....because it contains Mineral Oil of Turpentine and Kerosine...lolololol

Hey...but if it gets rid of flatulence I say bring it back on the market...lololol

( In upcoming posts I will introduce to a few more "little bottlers" from my collection)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's Official!!!...I'm a bag lady!!

LOL...well a bag lady yes.... but not one that pushes around all of her worldly possessions in a shopping cart. Oh me oh my...goodness no!...with all of my "cra..."...oops I mean craft and would need an awful big trolley...about the size of your average road train I would (bit hard to maneuver around those tight corners...tee hee!)

What I mean is.... that since my last post about the bags I wanted to make for my mum (youno... from that ridiculously priced fabric that I just had to have!!) I got to thinkin'....and what I "thunk" was that I really should have a go at one before I cut into that $43 a metre fabric that is literally worth its weight in gold.

So I set about buying some more suitable fabric...(and handles and trim...and more fuseable lining, and..and..and....oh my god!!!...HELP ME PLEASE!!!...seriously...I have a problem!!!!)...and set about making a bag to test my capabilities. turned out fabulously and I was surprised to find that "the crafter who hates to sew" (with the sewing machine that is) actually enjoyed it immensley and in fact set about making three more!!!....YESSSS..I know....that's three more trips back top the dreaded sewing machine (I even cleaned and oiled it....poor neglected little thing it is)

So as I said...It's official I am now a bag lady!. I even have a new sub-category button on my website to prove it!!....they may not be prim but they're very nice and I am sure quite handy (wonder if that's why they call them handbags???,....hmmmph....a thought for another day maybe!)

Anyways.....I popped all four of my newest creations up on my website this afternoon and loh and wont believe it.... but three sold immediately...I guess that now makes me a "successful" bag lady....tee hee hee!!!.

Lucky I now I have an excuse to delve into the big bag of "bag goodies" I have collected and set about whipping up some more!!

Until next time...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

COUNTIN' MY BLESSINGS ...Things I am thankful no particla'

CUDDLES WITH MY NEICE....always nice but sometimes

LAURA INGALLS...oh heck .."Walnut Grove" in general...for my introduction to my love of all things prairie

MY JOB...I get to work from home doing what I love! that really a job??

PHONE CHATS WITH LONG DISTANCE FRIENDS...gunna catch up in person one day!

STIFFY (Fabric Stiffener)....Very handy and the name always makes me laugh

GUT BUSTIN' BELLY LAUGHS ...and that fact that I still have some form of bladder control

GOOD FRIENDS...who could live without them!


MY LOVING HUSBAND AND FAMILY....couldn't do it without their they put up with me like only family can!

OH OKAY...MY DOG!!!....even though she's neuroitic and drives me


OLD JUNK...and the fact that it now lives in my home

I AM NOT ALLERGIC TO DUST....lucky coz with my busy schedule most often I am surrounded by it

MY SENSE OF HUMOUR....As I always have it to fall back on (especially when I have nothing sensible to say)

Until next time...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

JOY to the world

Yep....well it's nearly here again...that fast approaching but wonderfully enjoyable "Silly Season".

NOVEMBER!!!!......My christmas shopping would normally be done and wrapped by now....but oooohh nooooo....not this year!. This year I am yet to even start!

Well, actually I have started...if you call buying fabric "started" !!
Yesterday I headed off to a fabric sale at our local Spotlight store ...only to find that I had misread the information and it was only the "cruddy" fabric that was on (simply  got blinded by the word SALE I guess...tee hee)

Anyways...never one to miss an opprotunity to spend money I dont really have...I headed off to my favourite quilting and scrapbooking store where I had previously seen something that had taken my was about to get very expensive!!

I had seen some beautiful vintage look floral linen ...youno "the ridiculously expensive fabric that you just HAVE to have"......but what could I use it for....vintage?...floral???...not usually me at all....but WAIT....I've got an idea!!!.....bags....floral bags...but who for??? (definitely not my "cup-o-tea")....but who ?????...OH MY GOSH....brainsnap....MUM!!!!...yep me mudder....good ole mum....she'd love em!

So with my plan set I went about finding a suitable pattern .....never made a bag definitely needed a pattern (oh goodie.....more money spending).

Now onto the fabric...but how can I decide which colour to get....and which trim??? what do I do??? some of each of course!!!!

So welcome to my $119-47 pile of lovely to look at "but how am I ever gunna have the time to make 3 bags" In all honesty, I cant wait to get started....although with my busy schedule that day may never come!!!

BUT (and there is always a but!) I love my mum so I will be finding the time to "whip up" these little beauties to add to her Christmas parcel....hmmmm BUT (yes another but) with only 37 days to Christmas and counting!!!......will it be Christmas this year????

We will just have to wait and see................

Till next time

Monday, November 2, 2009

In Good Company...

Robert Louis Stevensen, Charles Dickens, Stephen King......Chris Byron (tee hee!!!) ....all writers suffer from writer's block...lololol

Writer's block????....hah!!! ...I know!!! have to BE a writer to have writer's block...but hey...I'm struggling here so that counts doesn't it?

I'm not sure that it is necessarily that I have nothing to write fact my head is full of trivial information, silly stories to tell and many a useless fact. .....the fact of the matter is I am just plain tired...knackered, worn out.......tuckered ! ......Waaay too tired to get the brain to,  I am afraid that it will be just useless dribble that you will be receiving for my post.this week .lol.

I lay the blame soley on myself....firstly we were away for most part of the weekend (GREAT I hear you say!!....well....NOT!!!!....but our trip away is a story for another day)...let me just say it would have been much more restful having all my teeth Seriously!!!

Well cut a long story short....I arrived home to a list a mile long of outstanding jobs to be done, all of which have looming deadlines. So, not being one to buckle under the pressure I did what any conscientious business person would do to make things better....I headed straight for my office, determined to tackle the problem head on.....promptly picked up the the phone....... and had a good old natter for a couple of hours to my good friend Jackie.

It didn't lighten my workload in the slightest but it sure made me feel

There were a million productive things I should have been doing today...sewing , ordering, accounts etc etc etc...maybe even some of the insummountable household chores....but nup...not me!!! I just did what I do best...what comes naturally.....gas-bagged!!

I did manage however to get my orders from last week packed...but that's all folks!!

They say that if you want something done just ask a busy person...but I reckon you shouldn't be asking this busy person or you may not get what you were hoping for...unless of course it involves a

Maybe my dad is right....he always tells me I could talk under wet cement!!!

Till next time....thanks for the chat!.............
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