It's Official!!!...I'm a bag lady!!

LOL...well a bag lady yes.... but not one that pushes around all of her worldly possessions in a shopping cart. Oh me oh my...goodness no!...with all of my "cra..."...oops I mean craft and would need an awful big trolley...about the size of your average road train I would (bit hard to maneuver around those tight corners...tee hee!)

What I mean is.... that since my last post about the bags I wanted to make for my mum (youno... from that ridiculously priced fabric that I just had to have!!) I got to thinkin'....and what I "thunk" was that I really should have a go at one before I cut into that $43 a metre fabric that is literally worth its weight in gold.

So I set about buying some more suitable fabric...(and handles and trim...and more fuseable lining, and..and..and....oh my god!!!...HELP ME PLEASE!!!...seriously...I have a problem!!!!)...and set about making a bag to test my capabilities. turned out fabulously and I was surprised to find that "the crafter who hates to sew" (with the sewing machine that is) actually enjoyed it immensley and in fact set about making three more!!!....YESSSS..I know....that's three more trips back top the dreaded sewing machine (I even cleaned and oiled it....poor neglected little thing it is)

So as I said...It's official I am now a bag lady!. I even have a new sub-category button on my website to prove it!!....they may not be prim but they're very nice and I am sure quite handy (wonder if that's why they call them handbags???,....hmmmph....a thought for another day maybe!)

Anyways.....I popped all four of my newest creations up on my website this afternoon and loh and wont believe it.... but three sold immediately...I guess that now makes me a "successful" bag lady....tee hee hee!!!.

Lucky I now I have an excuse to delve into the big bag of "bag goodies" I have collected and set about whipping up some more!!

Until next time...

Chris x


  1. So Bag Lady, congratulations! Knew you had it in you. I'm not surprised they sold, very pretty.
    Hugs xx

  2. OMG Chris! How do you do it?? Selling Shabby on a prim site!!!??? Next thing we know you'll be opening a shabby and pretty site! lol. They're really lovely bags. Well done you. x

  3. Hi old bag...oops sorry bag lady..."Lady Of The Bags"...sounds much classier Chris...just like your bags....they're gorgeous, I love the roses & colours & tassels...too cute, I'm with Jackie, not surprised they sold so quickly, love em, hugs Robyn xxxx

  4. I just discovered you via Jana's blog, so nice to meet you!
    Your bags are just glorious, I'll bet you make a very chic bag lady carrying those around.
    Hope you and yours had a very Happy Thanksgiving!
    All the best,

  5. Jackie- Thanks for your vote of confidence...can always count on you...and yesss...very pretty for the likes of ME...not a prim stitch in sight!! xx

    Pam- you've got me You know me ...always up for a you never know!! xx

    Robyn- LOL...well it takes one old bag to know, but dont you think "Lady of the bags" is a bit "hoity-toity" for the likes of li'l ole me??..maybe "bag-head" or something along those,...oooh great ...another idea for a new product line...head bags - for those bad hair mornings...tee hee!!!

    Ann-fiona - Lovely to meet you also and thanks for taking the time to comment on my bags. Yep I'll be the chic-est bag lady in the whole of bag -lady history....may have to whip up a matching hat...youno to complete the whole 'ensembe'!!(oh my gosh...brain snap....I could call the head bags...HATS!!!!!)

  6. Well, i am not surprised they sold so well..they are awfully cute!!
    Well done Bag Lady!!
    luv Ann.xx

  7. Hey Chris,
    what about a new category on the website for "smell bags"..???????
    They would be a winner like, fer shurr......
    Lets talk soon......xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Ann - Thanks so much lovely lady xx

    Suzanne (aka "Smellbag")- Now why didn't I think of that!!!! LOL.....and I could call one the "suzie"...tee hee.

    And yessssssiree-bob (Oopsie I mean smellbag)...we will talk real soon. I need a giggle... xxx

  9. Hi Chris,

    Congrats on your new Bags- Prim or not, they're just gorgeous! :)
    Barb x


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