In Good Company...

Robert Louis Stevensen, Charles Dickens, Stephen King......Chris Byron (tee hee!!!) ....all writers suffer from writer's block...lololol

Writer's block????....hah!!! ...I know!!! have to BE a writer to have writer's block...but hey...I'm struggling here so that counts doesn't it?

I'm not sure that it is necessarily that I have nothing to write fact my head is full of trivial information, silly stories to tell and many a useless fact. .....the fact of the matter is I am just plain tired...knackered, worn out.......tuckered ! ......Waaay too tired to get the brain to,  I am afraid that it will be just useless dribble that you will be receiving for my post.this week .lol.

I lay the blame soley on myself....firstly we were away for most part of the weekend (GREAT I hear you say!!....well....NOT!!!!....but our trip away is a story for another day)...let me just say it would have been much more restful having all my teeth Seriously!!!

Well cut a long story short....I arrived home to a list a mile long of outstanding jobs to be done, all of which have looming deadlines. So, not being one to buckle under the pressure I did what any conscientious business person would do to make things better....I headed straight for my office, determined to tackle the problem head on.....promptly picked up the the phone....... and had a good old natter for a couple of hours to my good friend Jackie.

It didn't lighten my workload in the slightest but it sure made me feel

There were a million productive things I should have been doing today...sewing , ordering, accounts etc etc etc...maybe even some of the insummountable household chores....but nup...not me!!! I just did what I do best...what comes naturally.....gas-bagged!!

I did manage however to get my orders from last week packed...but that's all folks!!

They say that if you want something done just ask a busy person...but I reckon you shouldn't be asking this busy person or you may not get what you were hoping for...unless of course it involves a

Maybe my dad is right....he always tells me I could talk under wet cement!!!

Till next time....thanks for the chat!.............

Chris x


  1. Talking to Chris always makes me feel better too. God help the world if we ever actually find ourselves in the same room together!!!
    Anytime you have too many things on your to do list, feel free to ring.
    Hugs xxxxx
    PS Your Dad IS right!!! lol

  2. LOL....takes one to know one!!!! xxx

  3. Always happy to share the load Chris. Anytime. Least I can do for everything you do. x

  4. congrats of publishing, yet another good pattern.. looking forward to picking up my copy! might inspire me to make some christmas crafts...


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