Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's beginning to feel a "bit" like christmas....

Hello all my wonderful blog friends...if you are still all it sure has been a while! Life just has a way of getting too busy doesn't it? Menial things like work and responsibilities (hee hee)have a habit of getting in the way of doing what we really want to do dont they?

Oh well, as Ned (Kelly that is) said - "such is life...."

I am pleased to say that (apart from getting anything else done that I am supposed to) I have managed to make a start on my christmas decorating.

It is Sunday morning, hubby was having a well earned sleep in, so I  thought this would be a great time to share some pics with you...

Please allow me to show you around my now "somewhat Christmassy" home....I hope you like enjoy the tour...

As you walk in the front door....welcome!

a short stroll down the hall and into the kitchen
...a closer look 

..just a hint of holly and a plum pud
on the old metters stove

...what's christmas without a ginger or two!

Now lets toddle on into the back family room...
I have decorated this room mostly with snowmen. I dont know why but I think the blue and cream tones of this room lend themselves to a few cool snowies!

Snowie tree in an old suitcase topped with an antique tophat
I just love this tree...

In the nook of the dresser...

Snowies everywhere!!!
These three stand on top of my set of huge old Dayton scales


....more of the little beggers!
 ...and more

...hanging out in an old timber meatsafe

...and for a bit of bling

and finally some cool snowies hang out on  a twig tree
that stands in an old wooden pram base

Now lets take a wander on into the front loungeroom.
This room is a bit more Santa and red and green themed.....
main tree with handmade ornies...
A Santa themed gathering
(soory about the "t" in took a t for tumble!!!

...and finally into the spare bedroom
a simple twig tree with some snowie ornies

and a gathering on and beside an old chair
Well that's it for the decorating piccies. I still have a bit more that I could show you but will leave it at that for now as you probably have picture overload... but I will leave you with a couple of pics of some more Christmas decorating I have been up to...
...this time they're of goodies for my upcoming market next weekend. (Saturday 8th- Richmond Showground )
...hope to see you there!

Until next time....

Monday, October 1, 2012

That's what friends are for....

Well... this past week wasn't the best. I wont go into the nitty gritty coz it wont change is what it is and it's behind me now so there's a positive right

Anyways, the working week being over and done with, we enjoyed a long weekend this weekend and apart from working for most of it hubby and I managed to enjoy a couple of outings this weekend. It doesn't happen too often but I am happy to say that we went out (yes I said twice!.

The first was a trip up the coast on Saturday afternoon with my hubbys brother to watch the Australian Sidecar Championship. For those of you unaware of what sidecars are...they are dirtrack speedway bikes where there is a rider and a "swinger"...(no not that sort of swinger)...The swinger is a VERY brave individual who literally hangs off the side of the bike to help balance it whilst it travels at extremely high speeds around a oval dirt track....very exciting to watch let me tell you.

Well it turned out to be a great night, despite the wind and the freezing,  as my brother (remember the one who had the motrorbike accident in November last year) and his wife decided to meet us there as well. It was a very emotional moment for me as I watched him walk up to meet us. Although it was still with much diffuculty he was WALKING...what a great sight for someone who was basically told there was a good chance he would never do it again!. Although he will never get back to normal or actively enjoy the sports and other activities that he previously enjoyed he has a great positive attitude and refuses to let this get him down. He told me that he is back at baseball and although not playing is still actively involved but now as a first base coach for his team "the shoeless joes" good is that.

A great night was had by all, we caught up with some other good friends there also and had a good laugh when we stopped for Macca's on the way home....just great to catch up! A very late night/early morning but well worth it!

Our second outing was Sunday night, when we went to visit our best friends and had dinner and watched the footy grand final with them in their new house (bit of a sporty weekend wasnt it). Well their house is great and we are so very happy for them. The evening was spent with them like always....lots of laughs, good food and great company. We don't get together as often as we would like nowadays, as they are quite a busy couple as well, but I guess that makes you appreciate it all the more when you do get the chance to spend some time together.

Well.... thats my story for this week.....yucky week but time spent with family and good friends more than made up for it....As my post title says...thats what friends are for...for good times and bad times....hmmmm someone should write a song about

Okay well thats it for now....'til next time...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Are you sitting down....

Lordy, lordy it's been a little while hasn't it?

Well my friends I am afraid that life has just gotten in the way of blogging! Yep, that's right I admit it...silly stuff like work and family and ailing

I am pleased to say that everything seems to be back on track now. Everyone is reasonably well (including the dawg!) and I have settled into a bit more of a routie at work now that my days are the same every week, rather than changing.

So........Hmmmm....Uhmmmmm...... It would appear that I am out of practice....dare I say it?.... I don't know what to talk about!!!

Oh yes Jackie...I can hear you laughing all the way up here, a whole state away!!!...but it's true...I am at a bit of a loss!

After thinking back through the exciting events of my life this week (not) it led me to scour through my saved pictures, eventually coming up with this one....
Why you ask???
No real reason...just coz I liked it!

It's actually a picture of what I have on top of my fridge at the moment. I took it some time ago (before all of life's shortly after I repainted my kitchen, which led to a full rearrangement of all my bits and pieces and a severe thinning out of them in the process. (My kitchen bits and pieces that is- my bits and pieces seemed to have rearranged themselves some time ago and thinning out definitely wasn't part

Well lookie there...I just thought of something to say...may not have been interesting or earth shattering but at least it was something...better than nothing I guess.

Anyways...thats it! No more riveting news or words of wisdom from this little duck at the moment.

I'm gunna go and sit with hubby now, probably annoy the heck out of him while he watches his motor racing on telly....(now theres a plan...if I annoy him enough he might change the channel!!! hee!).

Anyways...bye for now....I'll try not to leave it as long next time....

Monday, May 7, 2012

Positive thoughts...

Most of you would know from previous posts that hubby and I don't have kids, well not of the normal kind anyways..... we have "furry kids".

We lost our old girl Cassie about six months ago. She was 17+ years old and I saved her from the pound as a wee little kitten....she is very much missed around the house!

Well sadly now our girl Dusty (our 12 y/old Australian kelpie) is having a few problems and she is at the vet today having surgery to remove what we think is a cancerous lump in one of her many "boobies".
She's greying around the edges now days....but still on the ball
You can never catch a piccie of this one without her waking!!
She was sound asleep a "millisecond" before I took the shot!
...and I was being extra sneaky too!

We are staying very positive and will do everything we can to give her the best chance possible. So please if you have the time, please cast a few positive thoughts her way today...

She is very much a part of our family, not just ours but our extended family as well and has had lots of calls from friends and family members alike. Obviously she cant talk to them but that's about the only thing this old gal can't do....I swear she is a "hairy human" not a dog at all....and she NEVER lets us forget it!
Spoiled rotten!

Still one one eye open!

Anyways...just wanted to put my positive thoughts out into the "cosmo"...

Til next time....

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's up (with the carrots) doc???

I haven't had a spare minute lately to catch up with anything, let alone make a blog post, so I thought I would just share these pics with you so that y'all know I am still alive and kickin'.

My sister in law started her first vegie patch last year....

As some of you would know, we are very close and both my hubby and  I spend a lot of time with her, my brother and my little niece.

On many of our visits Caz, Cheeky-Charlie (aka Charlotte) and I would head down to inspect the latest "happenings" in the vegie patch.

Every time a new seedling poked it's little head out of the soil or another juicy tomato caused the plant to droop a little further over it was met with "oohs" and "aahs" from all three of us. This went on for months and much fun was had by all...

Finally the time had come to pick the much awaited first crop of carrots. We three again headed down, Charlotte- basket in hand at the readiness for an abundant haul. The anticipation was  high (it was a BIG and the excitement was plastered all over our little faces (okay- I'm playing it up a little....but we were keen to pluck 'em

Imagine our surprise when we pulled out
Caz's ???
..... carrots???
What a hoot!!!

I know....all you avid gardeners out there will be "tisking", shaking your heads, telling me under your breath that there was too much fertilizer in the soil or something to that effect....but I reckon we couldn't have picked a better haul.....the fits of giggles from us both and 3 year old Charlie were worth every twisted, mangled and deformed offering.

I am pleased to say that the carrots were grated up and used in the rice salad that night with our BBQ and despite their initial appearance tasted just like the real

Better luck next year Sis!!!

A rabbit came into a shop and asked,
"Got any carrots?"
The seller answered, "No!"

The next day the rabbit came again and asked,
"Got any carrots?"
The seller replied "No!"

Next day the rabbit came and asked,
"Got any carrots?"
The seller shouted, "No!
And if you come again and ask for carrots,
I'll take nails and hammer you on the wall by your ears!"

Early next morning the rabbit came back and asked,
" Got any nails?"
The seller answered, "No!"
The rabbit asked.....

"Got any carrots?"

....tee heee!

'til next time.....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The rains..... they are a comin'....

....but thankfully they've settled a bit now...
It's wet, wet, wet ! not the pop band...the

I thought I would share with you a few pics of our local river and how the recent wet weather has affected us. The Hawkesbury river was already swollen due to all of the recent rain but add to that the overflow from Warragamba Dam on Friday evening  and we saw the local bridges closed due to rising flood waters. The Yarramundi was the first to close on Friday eveining, followed by the Windsor and North Richmond (our local bridge and road out of town) early on Saturday morning.

The dam last overflowed 14 years ago!. In fact it rose 13% to it's 100% capacity this week alone with all of the rain we have had recently. Hard to believe that 6 months ago oit was at less than 50% and we were all on water restrictions. Now it is releasing 135,000 megalitres of water a day!

Initially they thought we would be looking at the bridges being out for 2-3 days but thankfully easing rain has seen no more big releases from the dam and the bridge was re-opened earlier this morning. So for now we are linked with civilization once

I hope you enjoy the pics of the very pretty area we live in...just a shame about all of the water in some of them!
North Richmond Bridge...
The road into town
The road out of town

The bridge was originally started in 1857 and opened in 1860.
Continual floodoing weakened the timber bridge and a new bridge was built and opened in 1904, seeing further additions in 1926.

The serene Hawkesbury river...

Walkway down by the bridge

Warragamba letting go of the overflow

The river starts to swell...

The sides are dropped as they ready to close the bridge...
Water laps the bottom of the bridge...

Only another metre and she'll be under
The same walkway under the bridge (after the dam let go)

A rare sight...townfolk walking up the centre of the normally
busy Bells Line of Road after having a look at the swollen river.

Back in business on Sunday morning

Windsor Bridge...
(next town across from us)

The local Windsor bridge

Windsor bridge as the water rises...

Quite the event for locals

Yarramundi Bridge...

Yarramundi Bridge was the first to go under.

(Some of the photos are courtesy of local and other news sites)

Til next time

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