What's up (with the carrots) doc???

I haven't had a spare minute lately to catch up with anything, let alone make a blog post, so I thought I would just share these pics with you so that y'all know I am still alive and kickin'.

My sister in law started her first vegie patch last year....

As some of you would know, we are very close and both my hubby and  I spend a lot of time with her, my brother and my little niece.

On many of our visits Caz, Cheeky-Charlie (aka Charlotte) and I would head down to inspect the latest "happenings" in the vegie patch.

Every time a new seedling poked it's little head out of the soil or another juicy tomato caused the plant to droop a little further over it was met with "oohs" and "aahs" from all three of us. This went on for months and much fun was had by all...

Finally the time had come to pick the much awaited first crop of carrots. We three again headed down, Charlotte- basket in hand at the readiness for an abundant haul. The anticipation was  high (it was a BIG basket...lol) and the excitement was plastered all over our little faces (okay- I'm playing it up a little....but we were keen to pluck 'em out...lol)

Imagine our surprise when we pulled out
Caz's ???
..... carrots???
What a hoot!!!

I know....all you avid gardeners out there will be "tisking", shaking your heads, telling me under your breath that there was too much fertilizer in the soil or something to that effect....but I reckon we couldn't have picked a better haul.....the fits of giggles from us both and 3 year old Charlie were worth every twisted, mangled and deformed offering.

I am pleased to say that the carrots were grated up and used in the rice salad that night with our BBQ and despite their initial appearance tasted just like the real thing...lol

Better luck next year Sis!!!

A rabbit came into a shop and asked,
"Got any carrots?"
The seller answered, "No!"

The next day the rabbit came again and asked,
"Got any carrots?"
The seller replied "No!"

Next day the rabbit came and asked,
"Got any carrots?"
The seller shouted, "No!
And if you come again and ask for carrots,
I'll take nails and hammer you on the wall by your ears!"

Early next morning the rabbit came back and asked,
" Got any nails?"
The seller answered, "No!"
The rabbit asked.....

"Got any carrots?"

....tee heee!

'til next time..... Chris x


  1. I think that is a great haul Chris, and you are right, it dosnt matter what they looked like, I bet they tasted great and the whole planting and watching experience is so worth it......

  2. I must say I thought this was a sweet post.. The fun you all had would be worth a few crooked carrots and they would taste just as good..
    God bless...

  3. So that's where you've been, playing in the vegie patch with your two C's.I'm sure that perfect carrots wouldn't have had the entertainment value that these carrots did. xxxx

  4. Yay! there you are Chris! So very glad to know that you're still alive and kickin'!! lol. You still at least have your wonderful sense of humour. Those carrots are definitely a hoot and a wonder!
    Hope all is goodly with you and yours. Take care and big warm hugs and love from me. ♥♥♥

  5. Suzie, it was SO worth it! ...great memories that we will hang on to forever. The carrots were a bit "weird" but you should have seen the size of her Zuchini's...HUGE!!! xxx

    Hey Faye, Yep lots of fun had by all (to be honest I'm not sure who enjoyed it more?- us adults or a giggling 3 year old...lol

    Hey J, lol...this was last year..hee hee. Needed something to post about and found the piccies! , but yes I agree perfect carrots just would not have done! xxx

    Hiya Pammy....Yep still alive an kickin'...maybe not as high but the intention is definitely there...lol. Hope all is well with you and your lot also xxx


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