Positive thoughts...

Most of you would know from previous posts that hubby and I don't have kids, well not of the normal kind anyways..... we have "furry kids".

We lost our old girl Cassie about six months ago. She was 17+ years old and I saved her from the pound as a wee little kitten....she is very much missed around the house!

Well sadly now our girl Dusty (our 12 y/old Australian kelpie) is having a few problems and she is at the vet today having surgery to remove what we think is a cancerous lump in one of her many "boobies".
She's greying around the edges now days....but still on the ball
You can never catch a piccie of this one without her waking!!
She was sound asleep a "millisecond" before I took the shot!
...and I was being extra sneaky too!

We are staying very positive and will do everything we can to give her the best chance possible. So please if you have the time, please cast a few positive thoughts her way today...

She is very much a part of our family, not just ours but our extended family as well and has had lots of calls from friends and family members alike. Obviously she cant talk to them but that's about the only thing this old gal can't do....I swear she is a "hairy human" not a dog at all....and she NEVER lets us forget it!
Spoiled rotten!

Still one one eye open!

Anyways...just wanted to put my positive thoughts out into the "cosmo"...

Til next time.... Chris x


  1. Positive vibes heading your way we just lost one of our fur babies a week ago and our other fur babies are a bit lost.
    Keep us posted although I don't usually comment i do read yor blog and love it.

  2. Hello
    Excellent points altogether, right on the spot. You just gained a brand new reader!

  3. Everything is crossed for her at my place. xxxxx

  4. I'm a bit slow and almost missed this post, sorry Chris! I'm really sorry to hear about Cassie, and that was a grand old age for her to live I must say. But it's never enough is it? I'm definitely sending all my positive thoughts down that way to darling Dusty.....and everything else positive I can muster up!! She is such a cutie! and I don't know! She always had an awful lot to say whenever I talked to you on the phone in the past. lol.
    I do hope it all went well Chris, and I'll be thinking of you all. x♥x♥

  5. Hi Chris, I've just read this post...Sorry to hear about Cassie and I hope Dusty recovers well after her surgery. Our fur kids are a special part of our family too- sending lots of positive thoughts your way! <3 Hugs, Barb x

  6. I hope things turned out ok. I'm thinking of you.


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