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Home tour...
STOP #1...
Welcome to my kitchen....

I am often asked by my customers and long distance friends alike what my house is I thought it high time I take a few pics to share with you.....

So welcome y'all to my home. You are ll most welcome to come stay a
I have started with my kitchen........thought I would do this room while it is unusually tidy.... ie. no bags, no laptops or shopping items on the counter, no dishes or coffee cups waiting to be washed, no bills to be paid (plenty of them still to be paid....just been popped out of sight) loose change, no wallets, no puddy-cat, no nuffin....just what is meant to be there!
Unfortunately there is also no freshly baked bread, no cakes, no brewed coffee.....but if you look closely there is probably a little dust I may have
Today it smells like cinnamon(mmmm mmmmm) as I am burning a lovely jar candle from the I guess you could really say that I AM cooking something!!!!
As you will see I am a lover of old bits and piece…

Why I love my business.....!

Yesterday saw me attending my market stall, the first for 2010, the last one being waaaay back on the 2nd weekend in December.

After a very busy week filled with 4 days at work, the ongoing webwork for The Chocolate Crow Trader changeover, our business BAS (which is already well overdue), listings for my websites and the normal joyful household duties (which I might add seem to magically multiply if left unattended) be totally honest with y'all I could have just stayed in bed and whiled the day away...or even attended the gazillion other chores that have sadly fallen by the wayside since my return to work...but, alas I plodded on and packed my little stash of handmade treasures and headed off bright and early.

Well again,..if I am totally honest it was far from bright as I couldnt see a thing when I got there...pitch black at 6am in the morning....but it  WAS early!!!.

We (myself and my helpul hubby who came by to help me set up my puzzle of a would think we wou…

A new pair of boots!

Yipeeeeeee!!!!...............,just look at 'em!!!!
Oh no ..."not another pair?" I hear you all groan.... ...but THIS is par for the course when we collectors collect! It's simply what we do best....accumulate!
"Just ONE more"...or the old "well I haven't got one like that" or "I swear this is the last one" .....any of these sound familiar ladies????
Well I can tell you I have used each and every excuse in the book (and many more on top) to justify additions to any of my
But life is far too short for excuses.... so why dont I just move on to showing you some more of what I received in the mail to add to my ever growing collection!!!
From the states and simply devine are these little what once were burgundy and cream button up boots.....arent they just to die for!!!!

The detail in these little boots are just delightful and they have already taken pride of place in my collection.....coz youno?????.....I didnt have any like the…