A new pair of boots!

Yipeeeeeee!!!!...............,just look at 'em!!!!

Oh no ..."not another pair?" I hear you all groan....
...but THIS is par for the course when we collectors collect!
It's simply what we do best....accumulate!

"Just ONE more"...or the old "well I haven't got one like that" or "I swear this is the last one" .....any of these sound familiar ladies????

Well I can tell you I have used each and every excuse in the book (and many more on top) to justify additions to any of my collections...lol

But life is far too short for excuses.... so why dont I just move on to showing you some more of what I received in the mail to add to my ever growing collection!!!

From the states and simply devine are these little what once were burgundy and cream button up boots.....arent they just to die for!!!!

The detail in these little boots are just delightful and they have already taken pride of place in my collection.....coz youno?????.....I didnt have any like these!!!!!

While I am playing show and tell let me show you the other couple of goodies I managed to pick up in my travels......before the "moolas" ran out...LOL

What a little beauty this one is!
Sew(...lol) sweet!!

Great Huh?????

Well as for the last two pictures,....the jury is still out as to whether I will keep them or whether I pop them up on one of the websites for sale.....havent decided yet.....

Hmmm.....I already have a couple of mini sewing machines (but not one like this!!!) and....well as far as the spice rack goes...I do have one of those hanging in my kitchen...not so much a collection yet...but if I added a second one we are on the way to starting one arent we....lol (told you I had a miriad of excuses!!)

Anyways....keep your eyes on the websites as you never know...they may just pop up on there for sale once I have come to my senses...lol.(pass the smelling salts...I think I just had a case of the vapours after that comment).....as for the boots?????....don't go holding your breath there ladies ....will you!

Till next time..... Chris x


  1. Now they are beeeeutiful little boots Chris! Very different, and I do like the colour too.
    ...and that tiny sewing machine is almost the same size as the reel of cotton!! lol.

  2. Gorgeous!!!I can see why you were so excited about your new boots. Love the sewing machine and we may have to have a discussion about the spice rack ,cause you see I already have more than two, but not like that one!!! Hope you got everything done today.
    Big Hugs, J xx

  3. Hi Chris,
    Great boots! I can see why you collect them, they have so much character and each pair of boots tell their own story. Thanks, for sharing your goodies and your wonderful sense of humor with us!:)
    Barb x


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