Home tour...
STOP #1...
Welcome to my kitchen....

I am often asked by my customers and long distance friends alike what my house is like...so I thought it high time I take a few pics to share with you.....

So welcome y'all to my home. You are ll most welcome to come stay a while...lol

I have started with my kitchen........thought I would do this room while it is unusually tidy.... ie. no bags, no laptops or shopping items on the counter, no dishes or coffee cups waiting to be washed, no bills to be paid (plenty of them still to be paid....just been popped out of sight)...no loose change, no wallets, no keys....no puddy-cat, no nuffin....just what is meant to be there!

Unfortunately there is also no freshly baked bread, no cakes, no brewed coffee.....but if you look closely there is probably a little dust I may have missed...lol

Today it smells like cinnamon(mmmm mmmmm) as I am burning a lovely jar candle from the states...so I guess you could really say that I AM cooking something!!!!

As you will see I am a lover of old bits and pieces, something I am sure you will have gleaned from my earlier blog posts ...enamel ware, scales, old bottles and jars, breadboards, rolling pins...you name it...I love it all!!! (oooh and my much loved boots...but no boots in the kitchen!!!!....lordy be!)......

My kitchen is painted in a nice golden-mustardy yellow, although it has come up a bit brighter in the photos. Some years ago I had a bit of an "epiphemy" (is that the word??) and decided to paint the pantry door up as an old barn door and not being satisfied with that I had my hubby remove the handle and install an old latch-look handle and then I proceeded to paint the ugliest looking cow I think I have ever seen poking its head out of the top of the barn door...lol. Loved it at the time...but that warm squishy feeling has long since faded!

Well I can guarantee you that when the kitchen gets it's next coat of paint, which hopefully won't be too far down the track, old "Bessie" will be moving onto greener pastures...lol. To be honest I kind of just look past her now days as I just simply haven't had the time to sand her off and paint her out....but watch out Bessie!!!!

Moving out of the kitchen (well to the other side of the breakfast bar actually) my collection sprawls into the smallish family room (more so a walk through area since we had our extensions done a few years back) where I have my much loved old Metters stove, hanging Dayton scales and a gorgeous old kauri dresser that holds a honey glazed vintage dinner set and some of my other favourite pieces of china.

The cannisters sitting atop the dresser belonged to hubby's Nan, as did the little green enamel saucepan on top of the stove shelf.

On the side wall (kinda the hallway wall) I have a old ice chest painted in original depression era green above which hangs on the wall a very old and rustic platerack/cupboard. I use the ice chest to store all of my candles and melts for my website business , which is very handy and I must say smells...YUMMY...when one gets a "whiff" walking past!

So thats about it for my kitchen....I do hope that next time you visit I have something yummy cooking!!!

I will be sure to post some more pics later from the next stop on my "home tour"...hmmmm had best tidy another room...lol

Till next time...... Chris x


  1. Hi chris,
    Thanks so much for sharing your photos of your kitchen I love to look around other peoples houses, I love the white kitchen cabinet the one with the old cannisters on top, that would fit into my house just beautifully.

    I can't wait to see the rest of your house, well I hope you will share more photos have a beautiful week. Lisa

  2. What an amazing and interesting kitchen Chris! I can only imagine how wonderful the rest of the house looks. Although we did get a glimpse of the lounge at Christmas time.
    I love everything about your kitchen, Bessie included! Wish I had a Bessie. I once wanted to do that sort of thing, when I was into folk art, with chooks on a smaller scale. Never got there. Probably won't now. lol.
    You have some beautiful collections which must have taken some time to build up.
    Thanks for sharing, can't wait for the next installment! xxx

  3. Hi Chris,
    Yes, I often wonder how you decorate your own home. Well, of course, I knew it would be just gorgeous with all of your Prim gatherings! Thanks, for sharing your lovely kitchen with us- Keep those pics coming! :)
    Hugs, Barb x

  4. Lisa, Pam and Barb

    Thankyou all for your lovely comments. I am certain to share more pics with you as time allows.

    I'll also pop up another piccie of my pantry door....when the cow "gets it"...lol

  5. Love your kitchen Chris..all that kitchenalia..ohh, you are a girl after my own heart..lol..and love the old stove. Boy, they are hard to come by these days..
    Love it all.
    Luv Ann.xxxxx


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