Why I love my business.....!

Yesterday saw me attending my market stall, the first for 2010, the last one being waaaay back on the 2nd weekend in December.

After a very busy week filled with 4 days at work, the ongoing webwork for The Chocolate Crow Trader changeover, our business BAS (which is already well overdue), listings for my websites and the normal joyful household duties (which I might add seem to magically multiply if left unattended) ....to be totally honest with y'all I could have just stayed in bed and whiled the day away...or even attended the gazillion other chores that have sadly fallen by the wayside since my return to work...but, alas I plodded on and packed my little stash of handmade treasures and headed off bright and early.

Well again,..if I am totally honest it was far from bright as I couldnt see a thing when I got there...pitch black at 6am in the morning....but it  WAS early!!!.

We (myself and my helpul hubby who came by to help me set up my puzzle of a gazebo....you would think we would have it downpat after about 4 years,......but no siree bob!) braved the darkness and struggled as usual to put up the damned thing.

Well .... finally all set up and my wares proudly displayed for the world to see (simply a work of art in itsef...lol)....my ever loyal customers started to trickle in and it was then that I remeberered WHY I do this!

You see...alot of my customers have now become friends of mine. Not only is it a chance for them to do some prim shopping but it is the golden opportunity to have a good old chin wag and a nice friendly catch up...even a few giggles.

Yesterday saw me catch up with a lot of my "friends"....one who's delightful little daughter I have watched grow up through her regular visits to my stall with her mum. I have known her mum for a quite a few years before this little darlin' was born ...but she is now 2 years old and I get a lovely  kiss and a cuddle whenever she comes to visit....her dad is a mad Parramatta supporter just like me and hubby (I know ...sad isn't it!) and there is always chat about the footy win or loss (unfortunately it was a loss this weekend...boo-hoo!)....they come along most times together and I do enjoy our chats and catch ups immensely. We are all now eagerly awaiting the birth of #2 cutie-pie.......due in about 4 months time!.

I have others who .... although they are not collectors of handmade goodies...still pop by every market just for a catch up......it's just great! I get to hear all about my customers kids, their triumphs and sometimes failures, I am told of decorating endeavours, their most recent aquisitions .....their vintage and antique finds and also get return visits when they come to show me what they have gathered on their travels around this great market!

The back of my car is well known as a "loading zone/storage facility" for bags and packages so they don't have to be carried around while searching for their next treasure...lol

So you see...I love my little craft business...it's these little things that make the early starts, the sleepless nights and the messy house worthwhile. In fact there is a very eagerly awaited "antiquing trip" to take place with one of my "favourite customers/friends" in April...all organised in one of our chats at my market stall....can't wait!!!

This is why I will happlily continue with my little venture....no matter how hard it seems sometimes...coz after all at the end of the day.... when I hobble home to collapse on the lounge with a takeaway dinner...it is then I happily reflect on my little chats and catchups....and vow to do it all over again next time....

Till next time....... Chris x


  1. I love the pics of your market Chris. We have been hounded by lovely rain the last few market weekends. Without our craft or books to read, where would we be! Jenny

  2. Hi Chris,
    You have such a lovely stall- What a shame I live so far away now! I'm so glad you have websites- Otherwise, I'd really miss your gorgeous Prim goodies!
    Best wishes
    Barb x


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