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Barrows and blooms....

For months I have been reading everyone's posts and looking at pictures of their beautiful gardens.....loving them all...and drooling.....but too embarrassed to share pictures of mine as it was in dire need of a serious "spruce up".
Some years ago we had a beautiful neat garden (even held our wedding reception in our back yard!), however a large extension to the back of our house saw most of the manicured gardens removed and the venture into our own business seemed to swallow up what little time we had available, leaving us with no time to resurrect it.
This lack of time has seen our gardens (well...what was left of them) sadly neglected. I have for a long while wanted to get stuck into it, although as my hubby is always tied up with work it means little steps at a time as I would be doing most of it myself.
Finally I found myself in the position with a little time to get started on it but unfortunately I hit another has been tight over the past 12-18 months…

Ahhh...the romance of roses...

What would your hubby say if your boyfriend gave you flowers???......
Well.... mine thought it was real sweet... (considering my boyfriend is only three years
These flowers were presented to me by my little mate Archie who comes to visit me with his mum in the shop that I work at. He is very very cute and most charming and presented them with a "hello darlin'....these are for you!"....(way too cute!)
He is a little blonde hair, blue eyed cutie and inspires to be "Fireman Sam" when he gets older...
He has been known to shout an "I love you Chris" from the car window as they leave and there are always plenty of hugs and kisses blown during his visits....
Who said romance is
Now how could a hubby ever be jealous of a boyfriend like that!!!....obviously he couldn't...but it couldn't hurt to take a few pointers.....(just sayin'
'Til next time.... Chris x

Photos, photos and more photos...

Well hello all of you out there in "blogland"....high time I updated mine with another post isn't it???
Well here it is.....(hope it is worth the
There is nothing I like more than a day out with a like-minded friend... hitting the antique stores... and that is precisely what I did yesterday with my friend Karen.

Like my blog posts ...IT HAS BEEN A WHILE!!! a matter of fact over three months since our last day out!!....on the 2nd July.

How do I possibly remember the date I hear you ask?...easy-peasy....this was the date on the lay-by docket for a lay-by that I placed on our last day out and had totally forgotten about collecting...until yesterday!
Not like me at all I know.....but we have had a series of issues over the last few months...two of which were being without my car for an extended period and the serious lack of spending days out have been non-existant and the furthest thing from my mind.
Anyways....enough of the "who-hah"…