Barrows and blooms....

For months I have been reading everyone's posts and looking at pictures of their beautiful gardens.....loving them all...and drooling.....but too embarrassed to share pictures of mine as it was in dire need of a serious "spruce up".

Some years ago we had a beautiful neat garden (even held our wedding reception in our back yard!), however a large extension to the back of our house saw most of the manicured gardens removed and the venture into our own business seemed to swallow up what little time we had available, leaving us with no time to resurrect it.

This lack of time has seen our gardens (well...what was left of them) sadly neglected. I have for a long while wanted to get stuck into it, although as my hubby is always tied up with work it means little steps at a time as I would be doing most of it myself.

Finally I found myself in the position with a little time to get started on it but unfortunately I hit another has been tight over the past 12-18 months and my dream of making over my garden has always had to be put on the back-burner...making way for bills and other necessities....boring I know, but a part of everyday life I guess!!!

Well... I am pleased to say that I have finally been able to have a little splurge and have carried out a mini makeover of one of our front garden beds....woohoo!

So now I can join the gardening band wagon (or should I say are my before and after pics.....

What can I say...hideous!....

A "bang up job" ...even if I do say so myself

As I said steps (and baby plants) but one has to start somewhere and although it looks a little plain at the moment I am sure I will be rightly pleased once the little dears establish themselves a bit more. (ooh and I still have to remove the dead clingy vine from the brick wall)

This is the first of my planned makeovers outdoors.

Next stop on the garden train is the garden that runs right across the other side of the front of the house. It is about 5 times longer than this bed (about 25-30 metres) and will require some serious digging. I plan to replicate the plants on that side...but that will be a job for another day.

Can I let you all in on a li'l secret???...I haven't done much of anything physical for a long time and my garden adventure today has left my back feelin' a bit "namby-pamby".

So...I am off to lay down in front of the movin' picture machine....probably fall asleep and dream of my new's awful pretty ...don't ya think??

Til next time.... Chris x 


  1. Chris it looks really really pretty. Well done you!! I really would like to lend you my husband who does a wonderful job digging but I'm not quite finished with him yet! (Hope your back gets over it's namby pamby's real quick)

  2. It is, it really is, great job Chris, sore back and all.........
    Drag out all those old bits and pieces and arrange the plants around them....I think it works a spare old chair?? or maybe a little toy wagon??? or, or, or...Im sure youve got plenty of stuff to play and plant

  3. Looks great Chris...the old stuff always makes it look better!

  4. Ooh yes Chris, definitely awfully awful purty I'm thinkin'! I'm very impressed indeed! So loving the barrow and white rose. Just wish I could summon up that much energy and motivation to attempt something similar in my garden now! :))) xoxo

  5. Hi Chris, What a gorgeous make-over! The 'Wheelbarrow Gathering' looks fantastic and what a beautiful white rose! :) Barb x


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