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Well hello all of you out there in "blogland"....high time I updated mine with another post isn't it???

Well here it is.....(hope it is worth the

There is nothing I like more than a day out with a like-minded friend... hitting the antique stores... and that is precisely what I did yesterday with my friend Karen.

Like my blog posts ...IT HAS BEEN A WHILE!!! a matter of fact over three months since our last day out!!....on the 2nd July.

How do I possibly remember the date I hear you ask?...easy-peasy....this was the date on the lay-by docket for a lay-by that I placed on our last day out and had totally forgotten about collecting...until yesterday!

Not like me at all I know.....but we have had a series of issues over the last few months...two of which were being without my car for an extended period and the serious lack of spending days out have been non-existant and the furthest thing from my mind.

Anyways....enough of the "who-hah"....
What was my layby you ask???? ...and was it still there after all that time???

Well the lovely shopkeeper was kind enough to have kept it aside for me and I eagerly paid the balance and collected it amid profuse apologies. As you will see it is quite "special" and I seriously don't know HOW I could have forgotten about this little beauty!!!!

Okay....well here it is.....

An antique photo album dated 19th May 1900
full of photo's!!!!

Yup....aah-huh you heard ( me correctly!!!!

What a find...and for not a bad price too... if I do say so mee-self!
The cover is very ornate and decorated...

The back is old worn velvet...

The first page is inscribed...
Burrumbuttock NSW
(quaint name isnt it?)

I had no idea where Burrumbuttock I googled it (as one does when wanting to find something out) and this is what I learned...

"Burrumbuttock is a small village 32 kilometres north west of Albury onthe Albury-Urana Road.

The early settlement began in 1839 at the "Burrumbuttock Station" which was at that time 30,000 acres on both sides of an unfenced track stretching from Jindera Gap towards Walbundrie.

The present town has a number of buildings including a General Store and Post Office, Primary School, Farmers Inn Hotel established in 1880 and the Holy Cross Lutheran Church dedicated in 1877. It has a population of 150 people.

The Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre is a 4 ha area featuring a large dam constructed in 1902 by Chinese labourers. The wetlands, bush and landscape are linked by walking tracks and showcase a great diversity of native plants and associated wildlife. The Centre has received international recognition".

Very interesting......
Here are a few shots of the photos in the album...

 Some of the pages are also very decorative...all embossed and coloured with different floral patterns

From what I can see I think the lady in these photos is Bertha "H" who along with her husband presented the album to their sister...

A large family...9 kids!

And finally....on the last page
It would seem that sadly Bertha "H" died in July, 1902 at only 39 years of age... only two years after presenting her sister with the album.

It appears that her sister popped her rememberance card into the back of the very album that I am sure she would have cherished so dearly....

What a piece of history!!!.....

I have been collecting old photos for a little while now with the vision of somehow using them in my crafting (copying not dont freak

I have also been lucky enough to have been given some from a dear friend for birthdays/christmas etc....and I thought I would share a few of them with you also..

 This one (given by my friend) bears an uncanny resemblance to my dear mum when she was younger. I showed it to my younger brother and he totally agreed....
I will have to show mum next time she comes over....maybe she had a long-lost relative that she knew nothing of.....or maybe she's older than she's been l;etting on...tee hee! (sorry mum...didn't mean ya!)

 Three old postcards...

I hope you have enjoyed sharing my old pics....

I have one more that I would like to share with you...
It is of my sweet pussycat Cassie taken some time ago while she was taking a drink from the little pond we used to have in our garden. She was fascinated with water and I would often find her sitting in a tub, wading through the pond or arm deep in her water bucket....

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Cassie recently after she became quite ill.....17 years she was with me and she was a joy for each and every one of them....Goodbye old girl...we sure miss you

Until next time.... Chris x


  1. Sorry to hear about Cassie bet you all, including your precious well behaved dog are missing her. Nice that you had a day out I know how much you were looking forward to it. And that Album is absolutely amazing. A very lucky find.

  2. Oh sorry to hear about Cassie, Chris I know the feeling so very sad. What a stunning album !! and how sad in a way that the family history has not been passed on to younger generations or is it maybe that the end of the family line is in that very album. Good for you for preserving the history I love old pictured also.

  3. Sorry to hear about Cassie, im sure she will be sadly missed.. its nice to have good memories of her..
    I love your layby, an album of old photos dating back before 1900.. i agree with Chris - kind of sad in a way of why the album wasnt passed down through their family generations,one will never know.. are you going to trace the family history, if you do - i'll be interested to hear..


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