The rains..... they are a comin'....

....but thankfully they've settled a bit now...
It's wet, wet, wet ! not the pop band...the

I thought I would share with you a few pics of our local river and how the recent wet weather has affected us. The Hawkesbury river was already swollen due to all of the recent rain but add to that the overflow from Warragamba Dam on Friday evening  and we saw the local bridges closed due to rising flood waters. The Yarramundi was the first to close on Friday eveining, followed by the Windsor and North Richmond (our local bridge and road out of town) early on Saturday morning.

The dam last overflowed 14 years ago!. In fact it rose 13% to it's 100% capacity this week alone with all of the rain we have had recently. Hard to believe that 6 months ago oit was at less than 50% and we were all on water restrictions. Now it is releasing 135,000 megalitres of water a day!

Initially they thought we would be looking at the bridges being out for 2-3 days but thankfully easing rain has seen no more big releases from the dam and the bridge was re-opened earlier this morning. So for now we are linked with civilization once

I hope you enjoy the pics of the very pretty area we live in...just a shame about all of the water in some of them!
North Richmond Bridge...
The road into town
The road out of town

The bridge was originally started in 1857 and opened in 1860.
Continual floodoing weakened the timber bridge and a new bridge was built and opened in 1904, seeing further additions in 1926.

The serene Hawkesbury river...

Walkway down by the bridge

Warragamba letting go of the overflow

The river starts to swell...

The sides are dropped as they ready to close the bridge...
Water laps the bottom of the bridge...

Only another metre and she'll be under

The same walkway under the bridge (after the dam let go)

A rare sight...townfolk walking up the centre of the normally
busy Bells Line of Road after having a look at the swollen river.

Back in business on Sunday morning

Windsor Bridge...
(next town across from us)

The local Windsor bridge

Windsor bridge as the water rises...

Quite the event for locals

Yarramundi Bridge...

Yarramundi Bridge was the first to go under.

(Some of the photos are courtesy of local and other news sites)

Til next time... Chris x


  1. So does this mean you have no excuse not to go to work this morning? Ended up that every road out of town was flooded and closed here, there are a couple still under water. Sunny skies forecast for this week so that will be a nice change.

  2. Hi Chris, Thanks for sharing these pics. I just heard on the News that the bridges up your way may close again today. Take care in this very wet and wild weather. Hugs, Barb x

  3. P.S. Bridges may close again on Fri 9/3/12.

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