JOY to the world

Yep....well it's nearly here again...that fast approaching but wonderfully enjoyable "Silly Season".

NOVEMBER!!!!......My christmas shopping would normally be done and wrapped by now....but oooohh nooooo....not this year!. This year I am yet to even start!

Well, actually I have started...if you call buying fabric "started" !!
Yesterday I headed off to a fabric sale at our local Spotlight store ...only to find that I had misread the information and it was only the "cruddy" fabric that was on (simply  got blinded by the word SALE I guess...tee hee)

Anyways...never one to miss an opprotunity to spend money I dont really have...I headed off to my favourite quilting and scrapbooking store where I had previously seen something that had taken my was about to get very expensive!!

I had seen some beautiful vintage look floral linen ...youno "the ridiculously expensive fabric that you just HAVE to have"......but what could I use it for....vintage?...floral???...not usually me at all....but WAIT....I've got an idea!!!.....bags....floral bags...but who for??? (definitely not my "cup-o-tea")....but who ?????...OH MY GOSH....brainsnap....MUM!!!!...yep me mudder....good ole mum....she'd love em!

So with my plan set I went about finding a suitable pattern .....never made a bag definitely needed a pattern (oh goodie.....more money spending).

Now onto the fabric...but how can I decide which colour to get....and which trim??? what do I do??? some of each of course!!!!

So welcome to my $119-47 pile of lovely to look at "but how am I ever gunna have the time to make 3 bags" In all honesty, I cant wait to get started....although with my busy schedule that day may never come!!!

BUT (and there is always a but!) I love my mum so I will be finding the time to "whip up" these little beauties to add to her Christmas parcel....hmmmm BUT (yes another but) with only 37 days to Christmas and counting!!!......will it be Christmas this year????

We will just have to wait and see................

Till next time
Chris x 


  1. Chris that fabric is gorgeous!!Your Mum will love the bags that you probably will find time to make cause you always come through in the end!Maybe your internet will die again and then you'll have plenty of time!!!! Just kidding, twice would probably tip you right over the edge. Actually if you stopped singing to people on the internet you might have more time!!! lol
    Big Hugs x

  2. She's gunna luv it Chris, and as Jackie said, you will of course find the time to sew it all up! You know you will.....yes you will!!
    You know, even though you say you aren't a shabby type person, you certainly seem to do well picking colours and patterns in the style!! hmmmm?? ;^) xxx


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