Been feeling unwell lately?.......

Well.....maybe I have just the thing to help you????
...if you are game that is!

Meet my vintage medicine collection.....
Now before you go getting your britches in a twist...they are for show only...I dont use them!...although with some of the miracles that they proclaim (and it is printed in black and white on the packaging so it must be true)...maybe I should try a few! many to pick from ...but let me start with this little beauty.....I just love the bottle it is in and the whole look of it!

Let me fill you in on some of its many uses
(please note that all comments are made in gest and are not intended to devalue the product)

Recommended for;-
Muscular rheumatism... (alright)

Chilblains (can live with that)

Muscular cramps (so far so good)

Stiffness and soreness of muscles due to exertion,
exposure or fatigue (yeppers)

Mosquito bites and stings of many non-poisonous insects... (still okay with it)

Cold feet, neuralgia, stiff neck from exposure and drafts. Lumbago, Back ache, Bruises (uh-huh)

Application to chest back and throat,
sprains and strains of muscles and tendons (nothing out of the ordinary yet)

As a counter-irritant in Flatulence, apply over
stomach and abdomen and lay on flannel cloth ...
OMG!!!... THERE IT IS!!!!!

Have you ever heard anything so funny....

If it were true they would be selling it to wives worldwide ... all would be peaceful..... husbands would be laying quietly (hee hee) on their flanels, dogs all over the world would be free of blame and the ozone would be saved as airfreshener sales would have me-oh my what a hoot!....

And now for the Warnings....

Harmful if swallowed...(fair enough)
Inflammable...(okay, we will remember that)

Do not bandage after applying theLinament as it may cause blisters..........What the ???

Blisters ...why on earth....because it contains Mineral Oil of Turpentine and Kerosine...lolololol

Hey...but if it gets rid of flatulence I say bring it back on the market...lololol

Chris x


  1. Hey there Dr Chris,
    I might have to send you some of my 'Wawn's Wonder Wool'...........its scary stuff....

  2. Hmmm....Dr Chris..has a nice ring to it doesn't it?? Shame I don't have the extra moolas would be nice!

    Wawn's Wonder Wool?...the mind it from a super-hero sheep???...youno one that wears its undies on the outside? (although I guess thats the only place a sheep could wear undies- were it to wear them at all!)

  3. lolol. What a hoot Chris. You won't be hanging up your shingle any time soon will you?? Hee hee.
    But don't you just the look of the labels? They have so much more character to them than the ones of today. x

  4. Mmmmm Flatulence? I think I know someone and her dog that might be able to use that. Can't wait to hear about all your other remedies. Have you got one for stress? I can seriously feel that coming on as the 7th looms. xx

  5. Pam- No shingle being nailed up just yet. I seriously dont think the world is ready for that.

    ...and yes I agree, the labels are full of character arent they.

    Jackie- The dog....well thats just a whole other story for another day isn't xx

    As for a remedy for stress....I have scanned my little collection and just happen to have a bottle of BEX!!. You know what they always said "all you need is a BEX and a good lie down"....xx


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