I have had to purchase a new sewing machine as I have somehow managed to "kill" my oldie.....and it got me to thinking of how times have changed.

Gone are the days where everything was painstakingly stitched by hand...perfectly sized stitching that one has to study hard to realize is not actually created by a machine, but lovingly handstitched. I have a couple of older pieces in my collection that are handstitched and the workmanship is truely beautiful.

When sewing machines were introduced they were very basic and offered none of the "bells and whistles" we see today....although again they produced fine quality garments for loved family members and friends.

So....my new machine...phewwww.....talk about "bells and whistles"...automatic needle threader, a button to move the needle up and down (no winding of any kind required!), automatic button holer...70 computerised stitches, LED display...(to name just a few)....and this was one of the cheaper more basic models......I think some of the better ones even offer foot massages and make coffee when they sense you are stressed out and in need of one...lol

Gone are the days of foot treadles or hand winders, no leather belts on these machines to snap or timber to polish. My...just imagine the quality of work women from times past could have produced with the machines from nowadays! The britches made would have been grand!

Well with all of that said I am now left with trying to decifer the instruction manual before I whip up my first creation....maybe I will be pleasantly surprised and find the foot massage or coffee button hidden somewhere ...lol...or maybe I should just pop the kettle on and let the dog sit on my feet.....tee hee.

Well...thats about all the dribble I can manufacture this time round....y'all have a Happy and most importantly Safe New Year.

We are are away until the 5th so I will be back on deck sometime shortly after that.

Till next time.....
Chris x 


  1. Your vintage machines are all adorable Chris!
    I'm sure Dusty could do a much better job than any new fangled sewing machine could on your feet! lololol.
    Have a great break. No need to say enjoy yourself. :) Goes without saying!
    See you when you get back. x

  2. Hi Chris, love to see the sewing machines! How is it that a lot of our appliances are automatic, but we still have to operate them! All the best for the New Year, Jenny (http://jennyscraftplace.blogspot.com)


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