Thursday, October 15, 2009

OH......"These boots were made for walkin'......."

Oh I gunna be in big strife this time or what??

Above is a picture of my recent imports from the states, supposedly to list for sale on either of my websites.....but "lansakes" (just thought I would keep my cursing in line with the I dont want to part with any of them.

As a matter of pair has already made its way into my prim home and been added to my already indulgent collection....

.....but HAVE to be honest....who could resist these little gems????

Wow...where have they been...? What have they experienced.....?'re gunna be sorry is my theory.....
(stop rolling your eyes Jackie and just cue the dreamy music and smoke haze!)

"...they belonged to a boy or a tom-boy (had to have.... coz surely no self respecting little girlie-gal's boots would have ended up like my bet is with a boy.
His name...probably Isaiah, Elijah ....or Jebadiah. He would have worn them in the "crick" while untanglin' his fishin line' or frog catchin'...kicked along a big ball made of rags or a tin can and probably run a thousand miles...most of them to get away from the attentions of a little girl called ??? wait......Permelia,...yep that's it! 

They would have been worn to school, to church, to funerals,  to picnics and when forced.... to dances. He probably only owned one pair and even then...they were not retired after he had outgrown them...oh no siree!.....they were passed down to his little brothers ....Zachariah,  Nathaniel and Abraham......... wonder they're so worn out!!...."

Ahhh....but I digress....Now...see how I get myself into trouble?
 I really should be working out which of these others, if any,  I am going to pop up for sale.(Truthfully...for what they cost me it should be all of them!!!)
I have been a little bit good...I sold one pair (but I already have a pair similar....hee hee!)

Oh well....had best go and procrastinate over it a bit more.....and go and strategically hide the ones I have already kept somewhere within the bowels of my primitive display so hubby will be none the

As long as I dont wear them I should get away with it......after all I think that sometimes he thinks that these would be more a fitting pair for me to wear

...lolololol or shoud I say "cackle cackle cackle" where on earth did I park that broomstick!!...
Oh well...keep your eyes peeled on the websites....but maybe you shouldn't hold your breath just
Bye for now


  1. Roll my eyes? Never. Maybe after that uncalled for comment a pair of those amazing boots will find their way under my Xmas tree? Just kidding.
    There are days when I think Clown Shoes might be more fitting attire for your delicate little feet.
    Keep the stories the way your mind works.
    J xx

  2. Hmmm clown shoes???....I could wear my thick socks with those in winter...plenty of room!

    Dropping hints for Christmas already??....geez're getting in early this year...but sorry to say that your "clown shoes" comment over-rode my "eye-rolling" I am afraid that you now owe me a really nice pressie under the clown boots though thanks.....but one of those lapel flowers that squirt water would come in real handy...real handy indeedy!

  3. Ohhhh Chris, you are naughty....but i think that's why i like you so
    Who can resisit those darlin' little boots...not me that's for sure and youadding a story like that, well, ican believe they belonged to that little
    luv Annxx

  4. You two, Chris and Jackie, are a real worry! But I wouldn't have you any other way!! lol xx

    p.s. love all those li'l boots so much. great buys Chris.

  5. ANN- Well Ann what can I say.....I'm always up for a bit of a yarn...bit scary sometimes though.. how I "wander off" with my thoughts....(and that's on a good day) xx

    PAM- Thanks Pam...xx
    You know....I try to keep her on the straight and narrow...but it's a real challenge sometimes....lolololol

  6. Just saw your Santa here Chris, that you mentioned last night. He's adorable! Might have to buy the mag and make him for myself! x


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