Out with the Old and in with the......Old????

I spoke last time about my shoe fetish....

Well I'm back......to share with you another indulgence of mine...this time it involves my love of old furnishings and an old meatsafe cupboard that "I just HAD to have". I dont know what possessed me to buy it as I have no room to put it, nor the ample budget required to allow such a purchase,....but alas....it now graces my home!

I thought it would be nice to store my vintage quilts......well ....as per normal what I think and what I do are two completely separate things and my new (but really old) meatsafe has now found a home in our bedroom, which has undergone a huge facelift just to accomodate it!!!

Up until Friday afternoon our room was on the "prim" side incorporating a collection of my old treasures, a prim patchwhork quilt and a gorgeous old distressed cupboard.....but not any more!!!.

Now....they do say that a change is as good as a holiday (and lordy be.... how I need a holiday!)....so I literally dragged out the old cupboard and heaved and shoved in the "new old???" one...lol. That set me on my plight to give the room a look to match it's new addition....so now instead of housing my vintage and prim quilts, as intended, my new (old) cupbord is now home to my stash of "pretty pastels", which had previously been popped away in a dark recess never, I thought, to see daylight again!

Well...not one to stop there ...bright and early Saturday morning I had "hitched the wagon" (well gassed up the ute...hee hee) and headed off in search of a few special touches to add to my new,  but very unnecessary project. I managed to find a couple of lovely and I might add very reasonably priced (had to be... cause I blew the bugdet on the new/OLD cupboard!!) canvas prints to prop in my displays....then a thought struck me......a rag rug!,....thats what I needed...a rag rug for the floor!!!!....youno...something I could "Whip up" in  my spare time!!!...tee hee!

Uh-oh....so you know what that meant??.....yes indeedy.....a trip to the fabric shop where I spent a lovely hour or so up to my unmentionables in reams of fabric of all sorts of pretty and pastel colours. Yessss....ME!...the primmy/prairie loving gal.......buying more rosy,  flowery (dare I say it "Girlie") accents for my Prim home????....aggggh....I think I need to lay down...lol.

(my half started rug)

Anyways....the end result is that I have a new look bedroom, a lovely new/OLD and very unnecessary meatsafe, a half started ragrug that will probably see the floor of our room just about the time that I am sick of it's new "theme" and revert back to my primmy familiars...... and a lovely (and may I add ...perfectly good) old distressed cupboard that is living slap-bang in the middle of my lounge room floor because I chose to move it from my bedroom!!!....I can see another "move around" coming on!!

As I said earlier....they do say that a change is as good as a holiday....although I cant help thinking that the only thing I probably should have changed was my mind???....lol

Till next time

Chris x 


  1. Well, i love your bedroom. A nice change for you.
    luv Ann.xx

  2. Hi Chris,
    What a gorgeous bedroom- I think the meatsafe cupboard is just fantastic! Enjoy your purchase! :)
    Barb x


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