My days often lead me in many a different directions...and more often than not it is in the opposite direction of where I should be headed.....BUT (and in my world there is ALWAYS a but)...there is nothing better than picking up the phone and hearing the delight of a friend simply because you have taken the time to see how they are travelling.

Many an hour is spent on the phone giggling with friends.....all the time me knowing that it is precious time that should be spent elsewhere...but hang it.....giggling is much better fun! ....and we all know that girls are meant to giggle!

With many of my crafting friends interstate, they cannot be simply called and requested "pop the kettle on...I'm coming over".....but no matter.......we make up for it with our special phone chats!.....and who knows one day I may just make that familiar call and actually be on the way....so girls (and you know who y'all are).....keep that kettle handy and a Betty Crocker packet mix in the cupboard just in case!!!

....and the moral to all of this????........a lesson I have learned (I told you there would be words of wisdom didn't I...lol)......Life is far too short....so pick up the phone and make a friend's day....the work will still be there tomorrow...I can guarantee that!

Till next time....whenever that may be ( ..and I suppose that all depends if I am heading in the direction of the computer...or not???).....toodles

Chris x


  1. Welcome to Blogging duckling, Your Blog looks wonderful and yes the phonecalls are always most welcome as are the giggles
    Jackie xx

  2. Why.... thankyou kindly my dear friend...you are well worth my "wasting of time"...lol xxx

  3. Chris, you have just made me cry a little.........
    The many times you have rung me throughout the time I have known you, it has made my day......sometimes you have been the only person, besides my children that I speak to the whole day..........special blessings to you Chris, and I LOVE, LOVE this blog graphic, happy blogging sweet girl........xxxxxx

  4. Well my sweet girl...it makes my day as well and I wouldn't give up our chats for the world! xxx

  5. Couldn't agree more with those sentiments Chris!!
    Would love to join you on your journey. I'm definitely game! x

  6. Love your new blog Chris..definately be in my favourites to check back often.
    I so agree with your sentiments...take time to stay in contact is so important...
    luv Ann.xx

  7. Hi chris welcome to blog land,
    what wonderful words, You opened up your arms to me when joining the chocolate Crow and made it so easy for me every month I have found my time with you all just wonderful. I have loved the chats we have had on the phone I could talk with you for hours you have a kind heart. I love your blog and the graphics amy always does a wonderful job. Have a beautiful day Lisa Olive Grove Primitives.

  8. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa.....YOU are the one that has made it easy for me!!!

    I too have enjoyed our chats....I will dash off into "blogland" right this instant and join up to follow your little bit of "bloggy space"...lol xxx

  9. Hey Chris, welcome to blogland! Always something to see or do here....may your journey here be just as adventurous as The Choccy Crow one.

  10. Thanks Julie...I am sure it will be funxxx

  11. Hi Chris
    enjoy your blog, very primitive and pretty, i love that floral look especially in fabric (am a collector) like you are with shoes!
    Enjoy blogging, its fun! and lovely to read your thoughts..

  12. Why Thank you muchly "anonymous"

    Hmmmm....don't get me started on my fabric collection....aaghhh!. It's high time I had a clearout..but where does one start??....I keep looking at it all and telling myself that I will use it all one day....NOT!!!...lol

    Oh well...there's always tomorrow.....


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