Another make-over and a great day out!!!

Another makeover???....well this time cupboard or crafting is in fact a blog make-over!

You probably noticed that I gave my blog a bit of a "once-over" a couple of weeks back, although it is only now that I have had a chance to write a post about it...or as a matter of fact ...about anything Apart from my little plug on Tuesday about the crafting sale we have on at work I have been a bit quiet in my own little "blogland"

So,...the blog make-over...Why you ask??...well it all has to do with me wanting to be a little different. I have noticed a few blogs of late with the same graphics or backgrounds so decided it was high time to change things up a I changed the colours and added one of my own pictures.

The picture at the top is of some favourite prim pieces of mine, taken in front of my old faithful cupboard and chair (some of you will recognise these props from the background of my website listings). The cupboard is a gem...old and flaky on the outside and interesting...youno with higgeldy-piggeldy shelves on the of my impulse purchases from some time ago...and I am sooo happy that I splurged the $60 bucks for the old beauty!

Hanging from the front of the cupboard are a pair of long johns I purchased from the States. They are way cool and as you can see have the mandatory button up flap on the back... oh if life were only that simple

In the front of the display are a grouping of $5 purchases.....Sitting on a favourite old chair (don't exhale too hard or bump it... or it will fall in a heap of pieces on the is an old timber sieve puchased some years ago and a roll of rusty wire.

Whack em all together, grab a camera, some fiddling round with the blog settings and blog logo!!

Well enough about the blog facelift......onto my day out.........

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to have a day out with a lovely friend of mine and we did the round trip of the antique stores in the lower Blue Mountains....and what a day we had indeed.

Firstly let me tell you about my friend. I was lucky enough to meet Karen through my Countin' Crows business and over the past few years via emails and friendly chats at my market stalls we have become friends.... like-minded friends who share the love of all things old, rusty and dusty....oooh and did I forget to mention the love of spending money????...simply burns a hole in our pockets it !!!

The day started when I picked Karen up at around 9-30am ( a mean feat after my 2-30am arrival home after travelling down the coast to watch my hubby race in his series final ...which I must add he and his team partner ran 1st and 2nd...woohoo!!). After having the pleasure of getting to have a look around her home we set off on the frog and toad...first stop....the shop I work at so Karen could have a look around.

From there we began to travel up the mountains stopping at each and every little antique shop we could find. (Did I mention that we took my ute....coz we planned to fill

At the first stop we both scored....Karen some old tins and for me an old tin and an old bible I plan to use for crafting. Well ..... two stops down and many more to go.... we thought we had better fuel our tanks so it was into the nearby little quaint cafe for a coffee fix.

Back in the car we headed further up the hill to our second antique store for the day...and thats where I saw it!!!....

We all have our illusive dream item (don't we???...well I know I do)...well I spotted mine! Hardly able to believe my eyes I think I squealed a little and made a beeline for it. Holding my breath I looked for the price tag..only I couldn't find one!...Oh no maybe it isn't for sale I with a squeaky and somewhat anticipating voice I asked our host  "Can you tell me if this is for sale?". His reply ..."Sure is love". OMG I thought ...."howmuchisit?" I squeaked.....he told me the price and I thought I was going to pass out as it was waaaay less than I expected it to be!!!

OMG, OMG, OMG I thought...."can you put my name on this while I look around some more pleeeeeeease" almost squealing with excitement at this stage...... then....... he replied that he could do it for me for $20 less that he had originally quoted!!!...someone pinch me I think I'm dreaming!!!

I walked around a bit more not really caring if I didn't buy anything else all day after that little purchase...but lo and behold I went on to find a rusty old wire washing cool. Karen found a nice old meatsafe and we made our way to the counter to pay for our goodies, where the storeowner proceeded to give me another $5-00 off my dream item!!! was my lucky day!

We stashed our goodies in the back of the ute and bid our farewells to this lovely man...they just dont make em like that anymore do they?

So...what was it I got so excited and "squeaky" about.......well see for yourself..

A timber sled ...what a little beauty!! (the picture really doesn't do it justice). The dealer told me that it was originally from the states . I have looked at getting one of these for ages but the freight to bring it over would have been ridiculous.....and as for the price I paid ...I would have expected (and probably would have been prepared to pay) double what I did.

Can't you just see me?....sitting in my sled, beanie, scarf and mittens at the ready, with my fat old Kelpie teathered to the front...yelling "mush" (truthfully?... in our case it would be "get up fatty" )...ready to take a ride (albeit a very slow one) around my front OMG the mind just boggles at the thought doesn't it...hee hee. But fear not.... I can assure you I will NOT be doing (unless it's dark and no-one is watching...tee-hee!)....although I will be rearranging my loungeroom this weekend to try and find the perfect spot to put it!

Okay enough of the sillyness....back to my story......

We went on to have a yummy lunch and visited lots more antique stores before arriving home about
6-30pm. The day was great....lots of goodies and lots of laughs!.

Here are some pics of some of the other old goodies I found during the course of the day. 

The Glucose tin is a stands at about10" tall...haven't seen one this size before...only the small ones. The butter pats are big wide ones and the little red packet is a packet of "Little Liver Pills" (constipation, which I will add to my littke medicine shelf that I blogged about some time ago. As for the crystal dressing table bowl...that is to replace the one I broke while dusting mine a month or so back (I knew there was a reason one shouldn't dust!!!)
This rusty and crusty old washing basket will be popped in my old washing trolley...its just awesome!!!

I have also included a picture of the old butter churn I purchased from where I work. It's not a piece of my haul from that particular day out but it is so nice I thought I would share it with It stands around 3 0r so feet tall...."very noice indeed!!!"
So there you have it....our big day out.

Plans have already been made to do this on a more regular basis, hopefully once every couple of months. It was so great to have had a chance to spend a lovely day in great company doing one of my favourite things.........looking at old wares or spending money???......hmmm...which one you ask?....well I'll leave that up to your way I strongly recommend it to everyone!!!

Until next time.......Chris x


  1. Now I know what you were talking about!!! Your Timber Sled is gorgeous Chris, truly an amazing find. I'm not sure about you making your poor dog drag you round the front yard though, she is getting on a bit you know. Love the butter Churn, I can just see you working away at that....NOT!!! I'm definitely going to have to start saving so can join you on one of your little Retail Therapy days out.
    J xxxx

  2. Thanks Jackster....It is sooo much nicer in real life than it is shown in the photo. Now I have the dilema of finding the perfet spot for it...which I just know will mean a full re-arrange of the whole house to accomodate

    The butter churn is already in its new home in my dining room....that one was easy!

    Start saving luvvie as I will hold to to a day out "shopping till we drop"
    Chris xxx

  3. Fantastic finds! Congratulations.....forget the sledding.....I'm thinking Christmas...imagine how you could decorate this with a few pine cones dotted around,!!!! Maybe you could buy your dog some reindeer ears :) Enjoy your week, Jenny

  4. Hi Jenny....yep have already thought about that....can see it on my dining room table now ...complete with a twig tree and trimmings!

    As for the dog....hmmm...may have to get her a fitness instructor rather than splurging on the reindeer

  5. Hi Chris,
    Thanks, for sharing your lovely treasures with us. Enjoy! Hugs, Barb x

  6. Good morning Chris, my name is Ronda, I have just found your blog, what an amazing site, I love it. I set out daily in search of another blog to follow and to share with my other prim sisters. I am a crafter, and a prim gatherer, on a journey to change my abode over to all prim decor. I post a link on my blog and hope that my other sisters will visit you and our circle of prim sisters will continue to grow.
    I am so glad to have found you, stop and visit me sometime,
    Have a beautiful day,

  7. Barb...
    Thanks so much for posting your comment. It is always a pleasure to share my latest adventure, purchase or silly story with you guys,
    Chris x

  8. Ronda
    Hi there Ronda...thanks so much for stopping by my little blog and for your truely lovely comments. I have popped by your blog and it is also lovely....keep up the great work!!!

    I am looking forward to exploring it a bit more when I have a some more time on my hands...but unfortunately at the moment this li'l aussie gal is busy, busy, busy!

    Thanks again for stopping by
    Chris x

  9. Hi Chris! I'm just tickled pink to have found your blog and had to let you know I really enjoyed reading through it and following your adventures! Great fun and fantastic finds!!

    Love the look of your blog and the header pic too! As you say 'very noice!!'
    Great to meet you on your blog!

  10. Hi Christine
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I have just popped over and joined to follow your BLOG also...I think you may be my first follower from "the emerald isle" exciting!!!...and maybe I'm your first "Aussie"??...although ...maybe

    Look forward to reading more about your "primming adventures" also


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