It's a dog's life...

 Here's a few pics of my old girl "Dusty" and the "old man"..(hee hee) doing it tough on the lounge!

She loves nothing better than to force herself in between his legs on the lounge (she makes room when there is none...kinda like forcing a hard boiled egg into the top of a get the picture???) and then it takes all of about 10 seconds for her to fall asleep with her head (and feet) on his lap....and oh the snoring!!!

I can only snap pics of her when she's asleep as she is scared of the camera and long gone when she spots I have to wait for moments like these...when she's resting (lol)...not that she's spoiled or anything.....

I only just got away with the top one before she high-tailed it outa there..

Till next time...Chris x


  1. Hello chris , she is beautiful ...oh its lovley for some to laze about on the couch lol
    Have a great week!
    Heidi :-)

  2. She is such a sweet thing.......when she's asleep! Pretty much what Machicho does as soon as someones back is on the couch though she's a tad smaller. It certainly is a dog's life isn't it?

  3. Awww, how cute...she possibly couldn't do anything wrong!!!

  4. Thanks for your comments girls...

    Yes she IS beautiful her own "SPECIAL" way....but Jackie and Karen's comments come from those who have heard her or met and ring a bit truer.....but at the end of the day I still love her...sorta-kinda..tee hee xx


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