Say a little prayer....

Hi all....

I have a bit of a favour to ask you all....I was wondering if you may, if you have the time, spare a thought , make a wish or say a little prayer for my brother, Mark...

He was involved in a horrible accident on his way to work on Tuesday morning when he was hit by a car that was trying to make a turn and beat the oncoming traffic.... The other driver was turning against the lights and ploughed into the the side of my brother at quite a speed...

Unfortunately Mark was on his motorbike at the time...

The impact saw Mark's leg all but severed below the knee...

To date he has faced one lengthy surgery to try to repair the leg..and is set to face many more...including the loss of 2-3 toes on his left foot due to unrepairable damage from being thrown from his bike from the impact...

We are now hoping, praying and crossing everything that the surgery is successful and he is able to keep his leg...and this is what I hope you will share in your thoughts...

He has quite a battle ahead of him but we are so glad that he is alive as it could have ended a lot differently...

So please say a little prayer on his behalf ...if you are not religious please keep him close to your heart  or wish him well...

....and please all of you that drive any sort of vehicle, whether it be a car, bike, truck...whatever....please drive safely and remember that one decision made in haste to save a little time can change a life in a matter of seconds...

Till next time.... Chris x 


  1. Sending my best to Mark, you and your family, Chris. Praying that everything goes OK.

  2. Chris, Im so sorry to hear that this has happened, hoping that the recovery is speedy and all goes well for him....

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  4. Will def keep your Brother Mark in our prayers. Leish xx

  5. Fingers crossed all goes well for Mark, and special thoughts too for the rest of the family... Jenny

  6. Chris, I've only just seen your Blog. I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to your brother Mark. Thinking of you & keeping you all in my prayers. Barb x

  7. Thanks so much for all of your kind words ladies....

    A bit of an update...Mark has undergone a couple of surgeries to date...the first to re-attach his right leg...the second involving further surgery to that leg and the amputation of two toes on his "good" foot.

    So far things seem to be travelling okay but he faces an indecisive future while we wait to see if the surgery has worked. He faces numerous more surgeries including skin grafts to close the wound should the re-attachment turn out to be sucessful.

    Anyways...its fingers and everything else crossed here for a while longer.

    Thanks again for your thoughts xxxx

  8. Oh my gosh!!!! Your poor brother. I will definately keep him in my prayers.

    Grrrr... stupid drivers!!! I see accidents like this a lot. Innocent people hurt or killed because someone is in a hurry.

  9. Oh dear Chris, I am so sorry to hear your bad news, I will say lots of prayers for Mark. Stay strong Chrissy B.

  10. I'm praying your brother has been healing after this horrible accident, I am so sorry. Prayers coming your and his way!

  11. Hi Chris,
    I'm just popping by again to let you know my thoughts & prayers are with you all. Barb x

  12. Popping in to say hello fron Karens blog-Olde time gal. Sorry to hear the bad news about your brother...such a worry. My prayers are with him and I wish him a speedy recovery.
    Take care. Maa

  13. Just read your post..... how terrible.....same thing happened to my brother in-law when he was younger..... my thoughts are with you all.... stay strong lovely.....
    HUGS to you all....


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