I'm Still Kickin'...

Hiya ladies....just a quick post to let y'all know that I'm still kickin'...just real busy and have had no time to post.

Being the total dimwit that I am and always one for a challenge (you had best sit down for this one) I have this last couple of weeks returned to work!!! I KNOW!!! a crazy idea with all that I have on  my plate....but there is nothing like rising to a challenge (well that and the though of decreasing the dreaded credit card balance with my extra earnings...lol)

So here I am back to work at my old job (same store- new owners) three days a week and seriously...I am LOVING IT!!!.....surely I won't crack under the pressure ...will I?...lol

I will still be continuing to run my three website businesses, The Chocolate Crow Trader, help out with our signage business, do all the business books, maintain the house, feed the blasted dog and possibly find some time to sleep (with that lot already on my plate you will know why I made the dimwit comment ...lol)

Anyways... that's about it for now....just though I should let y'all know I am still alive and kickin'...just a little strapped for time..lol

 I'll try and post some pics of the store a bit later on.

Till next time..... Chris x


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