Photos as promised...

In my last post I promised you some pics of the lovely store where I am working.....and here they are!

I worked there before, about 2 years back for about 18 months for the previous owners, but left to concentrate  on getting my businesses up and running.

Well I feel that I have  my businesses at a stage now where I can (or at least I think I can) successfully manage both them and a return to part-time work and I have since returned (a couple of weeks back) for the new owners, working three days a week.


I have to say that I am loving every minute of it again. I'm not entirely sure if it is the all of the "fiddlin' and fussin'" I get to do while I'm there, seeing all of my old customers again...or the fact that I am just actually getting out of the

Either way...I am loving it and so far am managing to get through all of my commitments without losing too much

So if you happen to be in the vacinity of the lower Blue Mountains....pop in for a visit!...I'd love to see ya!!!
Primitive at Heart
Park Road

Until next time................. Chris x


  1. Hi Chris. Are you sure it's not a dream and your in heaven? How could you have left such a lovely shop! I hope it all works out for you. If ever I get down that way, I will definitely try to visit. Jenny

  2. Ohhh, thanks for that store..just wished i lived closer so i COULD pop in..
    In the 4th photo you posted, there is a christmas treeat the end of the that for sale??? Looks nice and prim..
    luv Annie.xx

  3. Jenny~ Would looove for you to visit....make sure that if you remember to bring that sister of yours along as well!... xxx

    Annie~ Yep...shame that you can't pop in ...would love to see you!.

    The tree IS for sale..if you send me your email addy I will get back to you with the details and can send you a larger picture.

    Simply hit on the email link at the top right hand side of my blog and you can go from there...x

  4. Hi Chris ~ the store looks great, i agree with Jenny ~ looks like a primitive heaven! I just adore the primitive displays in pic no.5 and 7.. and its a must when we come down next to make some time to come up and check it all out!
    are you doing the decoration displays? good to see the old store getting back to what it use to be like!
    Luv leish

  5. Hi Leish~ Yep I am lucky enough to be doing the displays again...lots of fun I can tell you! ...I'm kinda like a kid in a lollie shop!!! x

  6. Hi Chris,
    What a lovely place to work- so many gorgeous things! I will definitely try to pop by next time I'm in the area.
    Barb x


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