Another nice day out...

Hi there one and all...I hope everyone is keeping well and surviving the nasty weather we have been having (for non-aussie's winter over here and we have been having lots of rain and wind and rain and rain and

This past Saturday I was  lucky enough to share a lovely day out with my dear friend Karen. We had been invited to Rick Rutherford's Christmas In July event at 3pm in his store at Lawson in the Blue Mountains, so we decided to do what we do best and make a day of it...visiting our favourite antique shops on the way up.

Well I have to say I was quite a good girl and minded my pennies a bit more carefully than usual, but did end up splurging on a pair of delightful little shoes that I have been eyeing off at one of the stores for quite some time. (it did help make my decision to get them easier when the shopkeeper discounted them

Anyways...I thought I would share a few piccies with you... of my goodies

Those of you who know me well will know that they are not the normal type of li'l boots/shoes I collect....but I am sure when you see them you will understand why I fell in love with them...AND I found the perrrrfect possie to put there!
...I'd say that just about justifies the purchase wouldn't you???

I also managed to find a nice cheap garden hoe. I wanted one  to use to hang a quilt on in my hallway (as you can see I haven't got round to doing that

A nice old jar that I have decorated inside with a small pip berrie wreath, cinnamon scented fixin's and a little grubby battery operated tealight candle.... It looks awesome of a night with it's flickering warm glow...just gotta find somewhere to put it now???
As a matter of fact I got inspired by my one and have made up some to list on my website...honestly these look awesome of a night time when they are lit up!

 ...and last but not least [well it was as chips really] is this old Bon Ami carton that I have added in with one of my laundry displays.

Well as I said in my title..."another nice day out"... and a lovely day was had by all. We thoroughly enjoyed Ricks gathering and finished the day off by stopping off for an early dinner at another of our favourite haunts on the way back home.

Thanks Karen for another lovely "girlie" day... and as I raise my coffee cup I say "here's to good friends and happy times". I hope you all get to enjoy a little of the same.

Chris x


  1. You did have a nice day didn't you ??? and the little shoes are precious, I have a pair similar but some nasty little mice had chewed the toes before I found them, but they are sweet all the same. Lucky girl living close enough to do the blue mountain trip, beautiful place to visit not to mention Rick Rutherford's shop, jealous much :o)

  2. Hey Chrissy F
    Yeah I am very lucky. The shop I work in is actually at the base of the BLue Mountains but I dont get up further very often so it's always nice when I get the chance.

    Hope all is well up your way...thanks for dropping in xx

  3. Yes...what a great day we had. If only I hadn't spent so much!!! The shoes look great in the display. Can't wait until our next!

  4. Yes if only you hadn't... maybe Bailey would still have the good dog food this week...ha ha! xxx

  5. You deserve a nice day out every now and then and you always seem to be able to find the bargains!Hope the weather has settled a bit your way, still cold wet and windy here.

  6. Hi Chris,
    I'm glad you had a lovely weekend. Yes, there are some great little shops in the Blue Mountains. BTW, I just found your 'Come Visit My Little House' section- absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics! Barb x

  7. Thanks J...yep freezing and blowing a gale up here on the lawn this morning... Dusty won't even peek out from under her blanket (she hates the cold..or she's just plain lazy one of the

    Yep, love those baragins although as I said when we chatted the other day I was the picture of self restraint on the weekend....could have bought stacks!!! xxx

    Hey Barb...Thanks for that. Yes I thought it was about time I popped some up...will have to take some decent "room" pics and pop them
    Have a great day xxx


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