Dusted off the "old girl" and actually got some sewing done...

Well hiya all....
You can probably guess by my BLOG title that I did actually manage to get some sewing done as planned ...yippee!

I have a gazillion projects in my head that I want to get through, but this is what I managed to come up with this week....

Firstly a little prairie dress on a manequin for my Little House Primitives website...
(Thankyou ...this is already SOLD)

...and for my Countin' Crows Primitives website I came up with these gals...
"Springtime Annie"

"Winter Annie"

Not too bad for a days work if I do say so myself....lol

Well that's it from me...for this time. I'm off to get some orders packed and invoiced and then it's onto getting our dreaded business tax done for this quarter....eeek!

....wish me luck
Until next time... Chris x


  1. Well here's living proof that miracles do happen! Obviously you haven't lost your touch Chris your dolls and Prairie dress mannequin are lovely. x

  2. Glad to see you are creating again Chris...xx

  3. Hey Jackie and Suze...yes it's about time I got my bum into gear isn't it....and guess what??....even made something else today. It didn't involve the sewing machine though...can't overdo it you know..lol

  4. Phew... all on your first day back at sewing!! You make me feel as though I'm lazy! They all look lovely :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  5. Thanks Jenny...nah youre not lazy...I was just glad to get back into it...will probably take a while for me to be that productive again...lol xx

  6. You still have the touch Chrissy B I bet it felt good to get back behind the foot pedal :o)
    Your work is just lovely.

  7. Thanks Chrissy F...it did feel good!..was just worried that the machine would "cark it" from too much use after all this time...lol xxx

    (PS: Can't wait to hear the update about your ghostly friend)


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